Turkey Day Takeaways: How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Thanksgiving

Ah Thanksgiving… a time for giving thanks and, well… FOOD. But we mustn’t forget that the holidays can also cause some subtle mayhem and stress that may cause our furry friends to fall by the wayside. Such stressors like in-laws making their debut, feeling the pressure of hosting, and managing everyone’s different energies can keep you distracted, and may have your pup acting mischievous for attention. This means that we have to take extra precautions as to what is left within reach for our furry friends. Below is a list of some foods and other harmful toxins that should be avoided this Thanksgiving.

   1. Alcohol: According to ASPCA, when our pets ingest alcohol, it is highly toxic and can cause significant drops in blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature. Now, most people already know that alcohol is toxic for animals, but did you know the sugars in raw dough actually turn into carbon dioxide and alcohol? This can cause bloat, disorientation, and vomiting, so be mindful of where guest’s set down their glasses and remain cognizant of the raw dough for those biscuits!

   2. Desserts/Sugar: Make sure that your pooch does not ingest the holiday’s delicious desserts as uncooked batter may have salmonella and other bacteria linked to food poisoning. Fruit cakes that contain raisins, grapes and currants are also toxic and can cause kidney failure to our canine friends. Further, ingesting processed sugar—like Xylitol—can cause other health problems such as upset stomachs, alarmingly low blood sugar, and even rapid liver failure according to PetMD. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so keep desserts out of reach for your pups so there’s more dessert for you!

   3. Turkey/Carcass: Now, if you’re thinking of spoiling your pup with just a little taste of the turkey, do so cautiously by making sure the turkey is fully cooked and boneless! ASPCA says salmonella and bones of the carcass can be seriously dangerous to your dog’s digestive tract and immune system!

   4. Decorative Plants: According to PetPoisonHelpLine, holiday bouquets that have lilies, holly,or mistletoe are highly toxic to pets. For cats especially, lilies—if ingested—can actually cause sudden kidney failure in our feline friends. So, if you find yourself admiring these beautiful holiday flowers, make sure you take precautions of where you are placing them in your home and out of reach for your furry critters!

   5. Liquid Incense: Want your house smelling festive and charming? Stick to non-toxic candles instead! According to PetPoisonHelpLine, incense is extremely toxic to your kitty. In fact, “even a few licks can result in severe chemical burns in the mouth, fever, difficulty breathing, and tremors”. Dogs are not as sensitive to the chemicals in liquid incense but it’s important to remain cautious of possible ingestion!

   6. Common Holiday Ingredients: Spices such as Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Salt, and other cooking ingredients such as Garlic & Onions, are some of the common kitchen items that are toxic to our pets for various reasons. For example, according to PetMD, ingesting large amounts of Nutmeg and Salt can cause our beloved pooches to fall victim to disorientation, increased heart rate, and possibly even seizures. Further, nutmeg can even cause hallucinations in our dearest pets. Inhaling Cinnamon can also be dangerous to our pets’ lungs and can cause long-term breathing issues. Lastly, Garlic & Onions can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy and can actually cause damage to red blood cells in our feline friends. 

In conclusion, keeping your pets safe during this holiday season is a definite way of making sure your holidays are cheerful and relaxed! As the smell of food deliciously wafts through the air, it’s no surprise that our pooches will beg to be a part of the festivities! So, give thanks, enjoy time with family, and keep your pet’s stomachs happy and healthy! We shared what we know about holiday toxins, can you think of other toxic holiday treats that every pet owner should be aware of? Share below!



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