Top 5 DIY Pet Costumes

Halloween is two weeks away, boy did that pop up from nowhere!  Some people have been planning their costumes since last Halloween and others have more of “I’ll just wing it” mentality.  Whether or not you’re dressing for Halloween don’t forget about your pets! There’s nothing better than going trick-or-treating, getting candy AND seeing an adorable animal dressed up (bonus points if humans are dressed up too!).  You may have been so focused on your costume that you forgot about your furry friends but why not keep the cuteness coming? We put together a list of some of our favorite DIY pet costumes that will make your animal the talk of the block.

Too much cuteness!

1.Magical Fairy Pet–  This costume is for all the sweet magical pets out there that want to let their wings show this Halloween.  Now of course you can easily buy some dog or cat wings online, but if you’re cutting it close to the wire or want to customize the wings check out this recipe for cuteness.

This dog means business!

2.  Business Dog– Is your dog always keeping you on schedule? Helping you get work done? Let their true form come out this Halloween as business dog! All you need is a an old dress shirt and clip on kid’s tie.  You can cut the collar off the shirt and attach it your dog’s collar; add the clip on tie and poof! It’s time to get down to business!  If you wanna go for the whole look you can cut off the cuffs, put some Velcro on the inside and wrap those just above your dog’s paws.


3.  Dinosaur Pet–  This costume works on dogs and cats, even guinea pigs and rabbits!  If you have a sweater or jacket for your pet wrap it in green (or whatever color you desire) fabric.  Attach a strip of cardboard down the spine of the sweater and glue or staple some triangles on it.  Paint the cardboard whatever colors you like and make sure all the pieces are secure.  If your pet loves to roll on their back this costume is probably not the best choice for them!

The cutest little Ewoks we’ve ever seen!

4.  Ewok Pups– If you’ve got a cute fuzzy little dog you’ve probably already heard that they look like an Ewok from Star Wars.  All you need for this one is some brown felt and leather shoe laces.  Fit the felt around your dog’s face and cut an appropriate size hole for their face and ears.  Make sure it’s not too tight and they feel comfortable moving in it.  Cuteness overload!!!

Don’t worry he’s faking it!

5.  Bandanas–  For any pet a fun Halloween bandana is the easiest way to get festive.  If you want to be a little more creative and make your pet stand out try the bloody dog bandana!  All you need is some red felt or a solid red bandana, velcro, cereal box cardboard and glue!  This simple, no-sew, costume is sure to turn heads!  Check out the full instructions here: Bloody Bandana costume!

We love dressing up our pets for Halloween and we love to see how you guys get into the spirit!  Show us your costumes and let us know what other ideas you guys love!

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