A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog

Wondering how much you should be exercising your dog?  Probably not.  It’s not something people ponder about often.  The way your dog is exercised affects all other aspects of their lives and may be something to think about.  We wish we could tell you exactly how much to exercise your pup, but of course every dog is different and has unique needs.   

memphis exercise

Memphis loves his walks, hikes and runs!

Whether your dog is small, large, chunky or thin, they need exercise everyday.  Even as dogs’ age they still need some stimulation and a workout.  Letting your dog into the backyard to go to the bathroom twice a day is not enough.  A dog that is not exercised regularly can become unhealthy and/or develop destructive behaviors.  If your dog is bored at home they may chew up the couch or pee on furniture.  Take your dog for a walk, or if you find yourself too busy, contact us!  For most dogs 30 minutes of activity a day is good.  Walking or running with your dog is also a great way to strengthen your bond and reinforce good habits.  A perk of owning dogs is you’re forced to be active!  It’s so important to walk, play and exercise with your dog. 

If your dog is a herding, hunting or working dog they will probably need the most amount of exercise.  Shepherds, hounds, collies, labrador retrievers are a few examples of dogs in this category that should get 1-2 hours of exercise everyday.  Understanding your dogs’ breed will help to determine how much activity they need.  Bulldogs or pugs are not going to need as much exercise as a terrier.  A short walk around the block might do.  Pay attention to your dog’s actions as they may give you more insight.  If your dog is knocked out snoring on the couch, they may be done for the day.  If your dog is pacing or seems fidgety they could probably use a walk.   

Tupac loves his hikes but always stops to smell the flowers!

It’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure how much exercise your dog needs.  More isn’t always better and your pet can get hurt if you move too quickly.  Take it slow and workout up to a solid and consistent exercise program.  Walking your dog around the neighborhood is great, but taking different routes can be helpful.  On walks your dog is getting a workout in and being stimulated by the smells and environment.  Mixing up your walk paths gives your dog all new sensations and keeps them entertained.  Making sure your dog gets the exercise they need will keep them healthier and happier.  A tired dog is a happy dog.   

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