Time To Talk Cats

We walk lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes, but Canine Companion LA does more than walk dogs.  We take care of all furry family members, which includes cats!  We feed them, play with them, give them love and keep them company when you’re away.  So we decided to give our kitty friends a chance to speak their minds and here is what they had to say:

I HATE that laser pointer.  Sure it’s fun at first, it moves so fast and all over the place, but I love to hunt.  It’s no fun playing a game you can never win.  Yes, I realize it’s entertaining for you but I need some gratification for all my hard work!  So, if you love the laser pointer throw me a toy to actually catch at some point and we can all be happy.

Declawing me is CRUEL.  Some humans believe declawing us cats is like getting our nails trimmed… uhmmm NO.  It would be like having your last two knuckles of your fingers cut off.  My nails help me to climb things, stay balanced, leave my scent, express myself, and protect myself.  Taking away my nails interferes with my natural instinct and can change my behavior.  So please, trim my nails regularly and let me be a cat!

I may be peeing outside of my litter box for a reason.  I’m sorry but I have to let you know how I feel some way!  I promise, I’m not just doing it to piss you off, I love you!  It may be because there is something new that I find threatening to my territory; like a new pet, person or furniture.  Help me help you by addressing the issue and making me feel more comfortable.  You may need to add more litter boxes or different kinds.  Just an FYI some of us refuse to use that fancy cabinet boxes because we feel cornered.  We prefer the topless litter boxes so keep that in mind!

If I am acting out it’s maybe because I want your attention.  I know I come off as independent and a lone wolf but I do enjoy being social.  Play with me!  Twenty minutes a day would be great if you could.  Even if I don’t seem to be in a playful mood give it a shot!  And of course don’t forget pets, lots of pets.

Thanks for listening to us cats and don’t worry; we will be back with more!

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