We do things differently… Pack Hikes at CCLA

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What makes our pack hikes so different, you might ask…?

Many other companies who offer dog hikes often go about their day like this: a single hiker comes by to pick up your dog who gets put in a van along with many others, sometimes even up to 25+ dogs! The hike time is spent picking up other dogs along the route on the way to the hike site, where eventually the lone hiker takes all the dogs together hiking off leash.

Our pack hikes are much different than this! Rather than one hiker, we have several come along for the hikes with us. Because safety is our top priority, each handler will never hike more than one or two dogs together at the same time, and hiking two together only comes after a) the dogs have been properly introduced to each other and b) only when we know that they get along famously with each other (usually two best buds are with one handler on the hike).

Having multiple people rather than one has given us the unique one-on-one bonding opportunity between our hikers and the dogs. Along with the photo updates that we send our clients, having more hikers per dogs has given CCLA a much more personalized touch.

Curious to hear more (like what happens when it rains on our pack hikes? Check out our service page and YouTube video for more info!

Pack Hike Info:  http://www.caninecompanionla.com/hikes/

PAWsome Pack Hike Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSYg6umNXZI

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