The Top 9 Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Pet

Throughout the years, many of us pet owners have heard about the CBD phenomenon. There are currently so many stories about how administering CBD can help dog’s arthritis, heart problems, and may have some calming effects for anxious pups. With the gossip of CBD’s benefits, one question keeps coming to mind: Is CBD safe for my pup? Below we discuss important highlights of what CBD is, the benefits of CBD, and how it can be administered.

What is CBD?

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Many of us hear “CBD” and automatically think about good ol’ Mary Jane and the laughs and munchies that are associated. However, if you give your pooch CBD oil, you can rest assured that your beloved is not going to feel the euphoric and psychological effects that one experiences with smoking or ingesting Marijuana.

But why?  Because CBD, (also called Cannabidiol) is not psychoactive like it’s counterpart, THC. In other words, recreational use of Marijuana, produces a euphoric high because of the THC, not because of CBD. While both CBD and THC are found in cannabis and hemp, they are both part of over, “113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, many of which are also being investigated for their potential health benefits”. Furthermore, CBD does not have any known toxicity level, (like that of THC) therefore suggesting that if your pup accidentally ingests the whole bottle of CBD oil, your fur baby will not succumb to a fatal overdose.

The Endocannabinoid System:

Research actually shows that all mammals acquire and use the Endocannabinoid system. This system regulates, “the body’s immune response, communication between cells, appetite, and metabolism”. It also balances the body and offers a critical role in maintaining your body’s homeostasis. If an internal body function falls behind, CBD can act as a supplement to the body’s needs. CBD will then be processed by the Endocannabinoid system. Since all mammals use this system, it is assumed that we as humans—and our pet counterparts—all have something to gain from the benefits of CBD.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

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According to DogsNaturallyMagazine, CBD can help with:

1.Your pup’s anxiety: CBD can be extremely helpful in lessening your pups situational anxiety. That is, if your pooch is anxious during thunderstorms, plane rides, fireworks, or having company over, CBD can help with these anxious encounters. Behavioral anxiety however, (like separation anxiety or aggression) needs professional training, as CBD alone, “will not alter your pet’s personality

2. Seizures and Epilepsy: while there are drugs that are used to eliminate seizures, these drugs are also harmful to your dog’s liver. Therefore, a more natural remedy such as CBD oil can reduce the frequency in your pet’s seizures, without harming their other organs.

3. Relieves pain: including neuropathy and nerve-related pain

4. Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: CBD not only lessens inflammation but intestinal inflammation that is associated with IBD. “Animal studies show that CBD can prevent IBD and restore normal gut motility”.

5. Helps chronic inflammation and Autoimmune disease: CBD is known to reduce the natural release of inflammatory cytokines that cause allergies and autoimmunity.

6. Can protect the nervous system: In humans, CBD has been shown to help patients with ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease by protecting brain cells from toxins that cause cell death! As all mammals use the Endocannabinoid system to process CBD, it is said that CBD has similar effects in humans, dogs, cats, and other animals.

7. Increases appetite and helps with nausea: even when your pup’s nausea is caused by toxins and free radicals, CBD can help lessen symptoms of nausea and can lessen the frequency of vomiting!

8. Promotes cardiovascular health: CBD can reduce the damage to blood vessels and irregular heart rates. CBD can even reduce heart rate and blood pressure due to increased anxiety and stressful events!

9. Can even help fight cancer: Research suggests that CBD can even stop cancer cells from growing while killing off the harmful cells that produce tumors. CBD can kill cancer cells by, “blocking their ability to produce energy and can help increase the efficacy of cancer treatments”. Furthermore, there is also evidence showing that CBD can stop the development, spread, and growth of malignant tumors and can even help prevent colon cancer in rats!

How to Administer CBD?

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According to, you can give your pet CBD topically through ointment or orally using a dropper bottle. You can put the oil on bare skin, in the ears, or dropped on the animal’s paw to lick it off. If you’d like to give your pet CBD orally, you can use the dropper bottle to administer directly in their mouth, on top of their food, or even on the paws so they can lick it off! There are also hemp CBD biscuits, capsules, and gel caps as well! Check out, to learn more about the right dosage and products available that may differ for your dog and cat!

While research is limited on the benefits of CBD in pets, there is extensive research suggesting CBD’s benefits for humans. While this does not prove that CBD is 100% harmless for pets, research shows that all mammals use the Endocannabinoid system to regulate the body and processes natural substances (like CBD) in order to help maintain internal balance! Our advice is to trust your gut, do your research, and determine the appropriate dosage to administer to your pet. Do you have any experience with how CBD oil has helped or harmed your pup? Please, share below!

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