Starting off on the Right Paw: How to Include Your Dog in your New Year’s Resolutions!

Ah the New Year! Most of us humans like to make resolutions that we try our best to stick to, but sometimes fail to maintain after the first month! So, why not include your dog in your New Year’s Resolutions for a little motivation? Below, we share five resolutions that you can share with your pup for all you animal lovers out there!


This is usually the first resolution people like to make after the long month of hearty holiday feasts we enjoy so much! But why not try something adventurous and outdoorsy with your pup, instead of relying on the “running-in-place” method at your local gym? Perhaps try walking a new route in your neighborhood or finding a new trail to hike! Maybe Fido might even join you on your next yoga routine! Dogs make great companions for outdoor activities and you and your pooch will not only get exercise, but you will create a stronger bond as well!

2.Be Adventurous

This may go paw-in-paw with getting exercise, but it doesn’t have to! Being adventurous with your pup could include road tripping, staying at a hotel or Airbnb, going to a new city in California and grabbing a bite to eat, or maybe even attending special events with fellow dog lovers! You can find it all here on a wonderful website that highlights California’s dog friendly activities, restaurants, hotels, and events for you and your furry companion!

3.Eat a More Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is not only important for us humans, but for our beloved pets as well! We, as pet owners, have the control to give our pups a healthy, long, and satisfying life so, why not provide our loved ones with only the best quality food? As 2018 has had several recalls on both dog and cat food regarding low levels of vitamin B, or high levels of vitamin D, or even salmonella, it is important to do your research on how reliable the quality of food you are purchasing for your pet is. The DogFoodAdvisor is a great website that organizes healthy foods for your pet based on age, breed, allergies, and wet vs. dry foods.


Socialization benefits not only humans, but our pups too! No one likes to be anxious while walking their dog by not knowing if they will lunge for attack, or want to play with another dog passing by. That’s why socialization is so important. Why not check out your local dog park or dog beach in order to get your pooch used to others?! Perhaps you may even find potential friends or partners that share your unconditional love for fur balls everywhere!

5.Foster an Animal

If you felt like you didn’t give back to your community enough last year, how about making 2019 the year to perform acts of kindness and help out? One way to do so may be by fostering an animal. According to ASPCA “approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S animal shelters every year”. In order to protect these animals and prevent animal homelessness and euthanizing in shelters, fostering is a great way to increase the chances of adoption, keep these companion animals out of shelters, help save a life, and give someone the gift of a furry friend! Why not add one more fur ball to your household? It’s merely temporary!

Above, we have outlined five suggestions to help you include your pooch in your New Year’s Resolutions! Perhaps having a buddy along for the ride to start the year off right may help you stick to living a healthy and active lifestyle that goes beyond the first couple months of the New Year! Can you think of any more ideas for including your pooch on your resolution journey? Share below!


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