September Pet of the Month: Oberon!!!

Hi der peeps! The name’s Oberon and I’m the bravest Rhodesian Ridgeback in the world! [Pause] Okay fiinnee… the name’s Obie and I am full of love and worries! I’m pretty complicated but that’s why I like me – I can even keep myself on my toes! Some friends can think of me as Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh”, while others could think I’m pretty ferocious. To be honest, that really isn’t me, it’s just that lots of things make me nervous. That’s why I want to tell errybody what makes me the loveable Oberon that I am –cause let me tell you, I give the best cuddles when I want to. 

My life really started when Mom and Dad found my breeder in November of 2016! I was just 8 weeks old and the moment I saw the love in my parent’s eyes, I knew they were going to be my hoomans forever. They were so happy to have another Ridgeback in their home again that it made me just as happy to see their faces light up! Their previous boy, Koa, was a regal, well-mannered gentlemen. I know this because I hear mama talk about him and he even has a painted portrait in the living room. Maybe one day I’ll be well mannered enough to have my own portrait, but for now, marching to beat of my drum is much more exciting!

I’ve been told that there’s never a dull moment when I’m awake. Maybe that’s cause I sleep a lot but when I’m up, I think all moments are dull so I keep things interesting by eating anything I can get my muzzle on! Things like leaves, weeds, bunny poop, twigs, and other stuffs. BUT my all-time favorites are bees, ice cubes, and tissues – TISSUES!!! Tissues are everything to me. Especially the ones in Mama’s pockets cause they’re used! There’s just something about the way they stick in my teeth that gets me goin!

I have other pastimes besides sleeping and eating though – just ask all my friends! For starters there’s my CCLA walker, Sofia. I love her so much and feel like I’ve grown with her in a way. She walks me, takes me on hikes, plays with me, teaches me tricks, and helps me be a good boy when I decide to be! I know how much she loves me so I trust her lots. There’s also my friends, Sam and Talon who I look up to as big boys. They romp around with me endlessly and they make me sooo happy and tired. Sometimes, I want to be just like them and do what they’re doing. Like when Sam does these weird “push-ups”, or whatever hoomans call them, I bow and try to do it too!

And then there’s the beautiful Lollie, also known as my girlfriend. Every time mom and dad say, “Lollie’s coming” I immediately begin to look for her and my feet start dancing. I get so excited to play with her because she’s big and strong, just like me! She’s also someone that I can show my teeth to and then give kisses to in the next moment – she’s my Lollie Bug. I also have a doggy friend named Bear who kind of bothered me at first cause he’s always so happy – especially when him and Sofia pick me up for CCLA hikes. I, on the other hand, need a long drawn out goodbye with mom and dad first, because I’m very attached and love them so! But I have to admit; I’ve gotten used to Bear’s antics and I love romping around with him. Plus, he always finds the best sticks around!

Okay, I guess I gotta come clean and tell ya that i’m not really a brave boy. Like I said in the beginning, lots of things make me nervous and feel unsure. For example, that huge hole of water that takes up most of my backyard – a pool, I believe? Yeah, well that thing is dangerous on all levels. Hoomans always want me to go “swimming” so I sneak away to hide! I also greatly dislike those gnats that fly around me. When I’m laying down and sunbathing I am in no mood to hear that scary buzzing! Nail clippers? CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Those things are just as bad because I never know if they’re wanting to hurt me or not. I also hate loud noises like what those big green monsters make. There’s these giant trucks that roll by every Thursday that smell awful! I say “go away, no one wants you!” with my mighty barks, but on the inside I feel like running for the door!

Even though I can be a handful sometimes, my mom and dad have given me so many opportunities to make friends and have fun. Since I’m so attached to Mom and Dad, I get sad when they’re not around and I miss them lots. That’s why they gave me CCLA to take me on adventures and keep me occupied so I don’t have to miss them when they’re at work! I’m a very lucky boy and I’m so thankful for the family I have. Like, my Mom is so loving with me and I always know how much she cares. She makes sure I’m always safe and comfortable so I owe it to her to make her smile. She loves my big long tongue (which works well for me cause all I have to do is yawn to make her smile) and loves my dancing feet so i’ll try and prance for her at least once a day. My dad is my role model and I really hope to be like him when I grow up. I love getting his kisses and I’m his number one “buddy boy”. That’s me! I’m so attached to dad that whenever he goes on business trips I wake up in the middle of the night, pretending I need to potty, but really I’m just looking to see if Dad’s arriving! (Don’t tell mom).

Well, there ya have it peeps! Now you know all about what makes me the goofy and lovable Oberon that I am! I hope you enjoyed my story an– did someone say swimming? Nope, gotta run!!

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