Ruh-roh! Why Doesn’t My Dog’s Costume Fit!?

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems necessary to address a very important issue that people may or may not be aware of: dog costume sizing! Who has experience with the following scenario: going out to a local pet store, finding the cutest costume for your spirited dog, only to go home, unwrap the packaging, and quickly find out that your pup’s newest costume is much, much smaller than you thought??! As enthusiastic pet-costume supporters ourselves, we love seeing our Canine Companion LA pets rocking an alter-ego for Halloween… well, when the velcro pieces are able to stick together, of course…

An XL costume doesn't even fit Murphy!

An XL costume doesn’t even fit Murphy!

This ongoing sizing issue was never something we expected to constantly run into. In fact, we never thought we’d be the type of people who’d dress up dogs, period! It was only one day that we found ourselves putting a Christmas hat on one of our more eager-to-get-dressed-up dogs and found ourselves rolling on the floor laughing at the unmatched cuteness. Since then, we’ve made it a point every year to stock up on costumes, and not only for Halloween, but for all holidays! Time and time again, the misleading sizing never fails to amaze us! We’ll pick out XL costumes, only to find out that they don’t even fit our medium sized dogs. The velcro doesn’t close, the hats don’t fit, we can’t even get the arms in the loop holes sometimes… what’s the deal?

Fits one leg but not the other!

Fits one leg but not the other!

Some Advice!

Even though we continue to run into our costume-sizing problem, we do have some advice for those who are still interested in getting their dogs dressed up this year. If you’re able, bring your dogs with you to a pet store so they can try on the costumes before you purchase them! This is especially important as most costumes are final sale. We don’t get the benefit of having our client’s pets try them on as they’re not with us when we go shopping!

There are also cute ideas for minimal dress-up, including having your dog wear bandanas, t-shirts, and/or glow sticks — you can get more creative with a costume ideas here! Of course, it’s always, always, always important to remember: not all dogs will like getting dressed up! Although it may look cute, you don’t want your dog to wear something it’s really not comfortable in!

We’ve had some success for our 2015 Howl-o-ween hike, but the hoods don’t fit!

We’ve had some success for our 2015 Howl-o-ween hike, but the hoods don’t fit!


With this said, we’re so curious to find out where our readers get their pets’ costumes from! We’ve had a lot of experience getting costumes through Amazon, Petco, etc… We’ve certainly heard of some homemade costume options, as well. Does anyone make their own costumes? Let us know what you’ve had success in (and tell us where you haven’t had success)!

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