Pot For Pets?

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CBD treats for pets

As of January 1, 2018 recreational marijuana become available for recreational use for persons over 21.  It would appear that the marijuana industry continues to grow and become more prevalent than ever.  A new field of discovery for marijuana: pot for pets!  Marijuana tends to be a controversial issue but don’t worry; we are not here to sway you either way.  Pot for pets is a trending topic and we wanted to make sure you have all the information!  We know some of our Canine Companion pups use pot products developed specifically for certain needs and we figured it was time to learn more.

Well let’s start by saying there isn’t much information out there.  Marijuana’s effect on human’s has been studied thoroughly and has lots of science to back it up.  Marijuana’s effects on animals- not so much.  The drug is still illegal federally and research on animals is impeded.  All evidence supporting pot for pets is anecdotal but there is still quite a bit of it.  Some pet owners swear it has changed their pets completely.  The pro pot-for-pets crowd believes these hemp based products can help with ailments ranging from anxiety and aging, to seizures and autoimmune disorders.  Don’t expect your vet to be prescribing marijuana to your pet anytime soon though.  It is illegal for them to do this as the drug is illegal and not approved by the FDA.

weed for pets, marijuana dog, pot for petsIf you’re picturing glazed-over eyes, giggling and munchies, not to worry- your dog is not going to turn into a stoner.  Pot for pets will not get them high as there is no THC in the products (which causes the psychoactive effects) only CBD, a compound found in marijuana.  So far CBD has not shown any harmful side effects, but it’s use on pets may be too new to tell.  Marijuana products for animals can be purchased by any responsible pet owner over the age of 21 in California.  You can find these products from makers like Canna-pet or Treatibles.  Make sure you’re buying products specifically for your animal as regular marijuana can be harmful to them.

There are a plethora of testimonials attributing these products to getting pets to a better place.  Often times they are used when all other medicine has failed or just to give their furry friends some peace towards the end.  If you are considering giving any marijuana related products to your pet let your vet know so that it doesn’t interfere with any other treatment.  Remember, they can’t necessarily recommend any marijuana treatments for your pet but it’s good to make sure they are aware of what you are doing at home.

Do you have a pot for pets testimonial?  We’ve heard from some clients that CBD products have been beneficial to their pets and we’d love to hear more!  It’s helpful for other pet owners to learn from others experience’s with these products. We want to hear from you guys so feel free to comment with any questions, concerns or comments!


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