Pit Bull Awareness Month

Handsome Indiana was rescued by his awesome parents and is a very loving boy!

October is coming to an end but there’s still time to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Month!  This month is more than just celebrating Pit Bulls, it’s about spreading knowledge about the Pit Bull breed.   

Pit Bulls are often portrayed as vicious attack dogs only fit to be chained up.  Thankfully over the past couple years this image has started to change.  Social media helps to share adorable videos of families and their pit bulls.  We walk quite a few pit bulls and pit mixes at Canine Companion and we couldn’t imagine life without them! They are all so different in personality but happen to be some of the sweetest dogs we know.   

Dozer (right) gets along with his dog siblings and everyone he meets!

Changing the stereotype of pit bulls can be done by everyone in a community whether or not they own a pit bull.  Sharing positive stories about pit bulls and incorporating your pit bull in everyday activities is the best way to help people understand the breed.   

Today Pit Bulls are not guard dogs; they are family dogs, detection dogs, therapy dogs and more.  If you own a pit bull now is a great time to show the community what wonderful dogs they can be.  Take them on walks around the neighborhood and allow people to have positive interactions with them.   

Here are some interesting facts to share with people about pit bulls:  

Gorgeous Athena is very playful and curious.

-In the 20th century pit bulls were known as the national mascot.  They were used in advertising in WWI and WWII.  It wasn’t until the 80’s when dog fighting rings grew that people began to fear pit bulls. 

-There is a common myth that pit bulls have a “locking” jaw and won’t let go of something once they grab it.  Pit bulls are often strong but there is no mechanism or physical trait that would give them a “locking” jaw. 

-There is Civil War monument of Sallie the pit bull in Pennsylvania as she served alongside union soldiers and guarded bodies of the deceased at the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Memphis makes a friend out of everyone he meets, he is so lovable!

Although pit bulls are making a comeback there is still lots of work to be done.  We want to know how you and your pit bull are helping pit bull awareness!  Share your pit bull stories, pictures and comments with us! 

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