Pet of the Month: Byron

Hi! My name’s Byron and I’ve been with my furever family for almost two years now! Let me tell you about my life as a one-eyed, orange kitty and a Canine Companion LA cat… Read on!

If you can believe it, I was born into a family of 5 other kittens! When my pet family came into adopt me, I knew they were the one right away. They took me home but then I realized they didn’t have any other cat friends for me to play with… I decided the best solution was to hide under the bed every chance I got until they got me a new friend.

Where's Byron?

Where’s Byron?

One day, I emerged from under the bed and to my surprise, there was another kitten in the house! I quickly found out that her name was Lily and she was going to be my new cat sister. Let me tell you, this has to be one of my favorite days in all of my nine lives! Lily and I are the best of friends — we play together, chase each other, sometimes we even sit in the window sill together to people watch. Everything she does, I’ll make sure to follow her lead — I have to admit that I’m a bit of a copy cat! She is the best sister a cat could ever ask for! I am happy to say that I’ll never hide under the bed again.

Byron and Lily!

Byron and Lily!

It’s probably important to mention that Lily and I aren’t the only four-legged ones in the house. There’s another one named Trooper, but he’s a little different from Lily and I. I think I’ve overheard my humans call him this creature named “dog”. Sometimes my parents or walkers from Canine Companion LA take him out on things called a “walk” or “hike” and he gets pretty excited about that — what a weirdo. Initially I was unsure of Trooper because of his not-cat status but I have to admit that I’ve grown to love him very much! He makes a PAWsome pet brother and I’m happy we get to hang out (even if he does try to bud in on cats-only chases between me and Lily). Dogs and Cats

Oh! And before I sign off, you may be wondering… what is the story behind my one eye? Well, a long time ago, I went to the vet with a case of the kitty cold (my humans told me it’s called Stomatitis). In the process of treating me, the vet ended up nicking my eye and had to remove it… what a jerk! I don’t think we’ll be going back to that vet any time soon. Life with one eye is pretty cool though. I think it gives me personality, plus I can do Terminator impressions — Lily can’t even do that!Photo Feb 13, 11 34 41 AM

I thank all my cat and dog readers for reading about me! It took me a while to write this with only cat paws but I managed to do it! Thank you Canine Companion LA for making me the first Pet of the Month who’s a cat! Byron, signing out!

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