October Pet of the Month: MOBY!!

Hiya folks, I’m a triceratops! Just kidding, the name’s Moby but my real name is Ardry Leviathan. Since that’s so long, I go by Moby, Bud, Booboo, and What Are You Eating. I’m a handsome Bull Terrier with a mighty nose and a love for mama and I’m so excited to tell you all about who I am and how my grand ol’ life began.

In late 2017, I was about to get adopted by a family that happened to change their minds last minute. I was actually quite sad about it at first but when I met my mama, I instantly felt like everything happens for a reason. I didn’t have to feel alone or neglected anymore – I had mama to rest my big nose on. In fact, I adored her scent so much that when I first met her I rubbed my nose all over her chest! She says I “motor-boated her”, but she’s so silly cause there weren’t even any boats around!

My mom is the greatest because she cares for my brother, Ray, and me a great deal. She even enrolled me in special “Nose Work” classes to keep me occupied and smart! I started going to K9 Nose Work when I was just a wee, 4 month-old pup! I’m a monster at nose work let me tell ya. Even though Bull Terriers were originally bred to fight, I should’ve been a hunter because I’m always the first to find goodies! Nose work class also helps me be a confident boy on the streets. The world can be kind of intimidating but thanks to class, my team cheers me on and helps me feel like a tough, intelligent man! Also, did I mention that I have my very first competition coming up this month?! I’m a little nervous but I know my nose has what it takes to win!

I have other passions besides using my nose though. For example, I LOVE my fruits! Blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon, oh my! They’re so juicy and delectable; I don’t get how hoomans eat anything else! I also love playing with mama and my toys. Sometimes I get carried away though and start running so fast I can’t stop my legs and end up rocket launching on her! It’s actually so much fun because mama’s my favorite person so I get to show her how much I love her.

Mama says I’ve changed her life because she gets to play in the backyard with me where we can both get our sillies out. She also gets double the love now with my brother and I since snuggling on mama is what I’m all about.

I owe my mom all the happiness I can give. She’s shown me what being loved feels like and I don’t ever want to feel anything else. She even keeps me active when she’s not around by hiring CCLA to come play with me! My brother Ray and I don’t usually get along, so my CCLA sitter, Rima makes sure I get equal amounts of attention by playing ball and giving me pets and kisses first! Maybe one-day brother and I can put our differences aside, but for now I’ll just mind my business and love on my peeps!

Well guys, that’s all the time I have cause I must get back to nose work practice! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me because I really enjoy myself too! Also, don’t forget to cheer me on for my competition later this month!!  

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Lana Chappell

Beautifully said Moby !!
You are one handsome boy and you are doing great in your nose work snd your maMa is the best shE loves you very much!!❤️❤️
Good luck on your competion were very proud of you!!💛💛
Dallas and Lana


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