October Pet Of The Month: Ulysses!

My mom and me at one of my birthday parties!

Hello everyone!  My name is Ulysses but most people know me as Uly (also known as Cutie Uly, Uly Buly, and Good Boy).  I’ve been a part of the Canine Companion LA family since just about the beginning so lots of people know me and I know most of the other pups.  Many people see me as the older, fluffy, sweet golden retriever but there’s more to me than meets the eye.  And yes, I am 13 years old! And yes, I still go on pack hikes and can hang with the young crowd.  May legs may not be working like they used to but I’ll be forever young at heart.

My dad and me at the beach in my younger days!

Now, let me think back to the start… I remember as a young pup being neglected by my first family; they left me outside all day and night and didn’t care for me much.  Little did I know, a woman was out there looking for a pup exactly like me.  The stars aligned and she rescued me!!! I wasn’t even a year old at the time but I knew as soon as a saw my mom that she was going to be my forever human.  What can I say?  We just clicked.  I licked her nose, she took me home and we’ve been inseparable since.  I couldn’t have dreamed up a better human.  Not only did she feed me, give me endless cuddles and play with me; she also got me neutered and trained me to be a certified therapy dog.

Back in my working days I spent my time at the Cedar Sinai pooch program.  I love to meet new people and comfort them.  I worked with children that had disabilities and that made me happy because they were always so excited to see me.  People say I’m pretty good at what I do but I’m just being myself!  Nowadays I’m retired but occasionally I’ll go out and service when I’m needed.  I gotta say the retired life is pretty sweet.  I get breakfast, dinner and a snack in-between; at least three walks a day; and a nightly massage.  I know just when my dad is getting home so I can be ready for my massage and loving time.

Hanging out with some of my best buds at CCLA!

I have such a great personality and always seem to be smiling!  Some of my favorite things include; tennis balls, well and playing fetch, searching for the most comfortable bed, and luxurious throws. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, getting dressed up!  And the reality is, I look good in everything I put on.  It’s just true, I can’t help it!  I love spending time with my mom and dad.  When I’m not with them I’m with my CCLA family and boy do I love to hang out with my dog friends.  I’m pretty easy-going overall.  Love to spend time in the pool and then do some sunbathing.

I am so glad my mom found me and rescued me.  I’ve got some amazing humans and they know I’ll always stick by their sides no matter what.  Well, thanks for reading!  If you’ve got any questions feel free to comment!




Look at me I’m a bunny!

I’m so good at dressing it! I love being festive!


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