November Pet of the Month: MEMPHIS!!!

Hey guys! The name’s Memphis and let me start by saying how excited I am to share my presence with you all! I think I’m a hoot cause let’s face it, I love to have fun and make people laugh and swoon over my cuteness and lovability! Let’s just say, I’m a big black dog with an even bigger heart and a gigantic lust for life!

It all started one lucky September day in the year of 2015, when my dad surprised my mom with a collar and a card that told her “we’re getting a Memphis!” or something like that. Okay, okay, they originally wanted a girl dog (yuck), but as soon as they saw me licking that shelter volunteer’s sweet hand, they said, “Memphis is the cutest, most handsome lad in all the land” so, naturally, they picked me to be a part of their family and that’s where my life really began. Oh how happy they make me and how lucky I am to be rescued!!

Yeah, my mom and dad love me. But my mom especially loves my cuddles, which is both of our most favorite pastimes. How can it not be?! My cuddles are the best! (Sorry Dad). But boy does she love me for a lot of other reasons too. Like, for some reason, she loves it when I wake up and get my morning stretch in. I love to get off the bed by putting my two front paws on the floor while keeping my hind legs on the bed for a while, cause, BOY does that stretch my glutes! My mom thinks it’s hysterical but I think it’s necessary because you never know what time my best friends at CCLA will come to take me on a walk!! Preparation is key so I’m always waiting for my walkers at the window so I know it’s time to get my “sillies” out, whatever that means. Maybe it’s slang for poo? Regardless of their weird words, I love my CCLA friends so much. They give me something to look forward to every day and they love me and laugh at my “witty sense of humor and childish antics”, not sure what that means either but hey, at least I make them happy too!

Now, my other loves are pillows, my best friend Bear, and CHEESE!!!! (More on cheese later). But first, HOLY MOLY do I LOVE me a good pillow. Now, I’m not picky—any pillow will do. Like a good foot, or a plump lap, or even a table perhaps. You see, people think I like pillows cause I got a big head and need to give my neck a break. But it’s really cause I want to look as cute as possible to make my family smile! I love seeing them happy; that’s the real reason why I’m here! Then there’s Bear. He’s a hoot just like me! Yeah, if we lived in the same house, I think we would get ourselves into trouble. But who can resist sticks, balls, rolling around, and some good mischievous fun with your best bud? And last but not least… CHEESE!!! All cheese. Cheddar, Provolone, Gouda—GOUDA!!—and that yummy cheese with the holes! My mom says I’m the pickiest eater she’s ever met, but when I choose to be picky, that just means I got cheese brain!!

So, here’s the bummer: I’m moving farther away so I may not get to see my CCLA friends as much. But they’ve told me that I make them so happy and they’ll always care for me and love me. I have a feeling this isn’t goodbye for good! And it’s not all sad because when I move, I will finally get to run and roll around in my very own YARD!!! Don’t I have the best parents?! They wouldn’t even look at a home that didn’t have a yard cause they know that I have daily “sillies” I need to get out!

Well, there you have it folks! Thanks for reading all about me and what makes me “Memphis: The Silliest, Handsomest, Most Charming Pooch to Grace You With a Smile”! I promise, you haven’t seen the last of me!

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