November Pet of the Month: Bodie!!

Hi there hoomans, (sorry if I talk funny, I have Jolly Ball in my mouth). The name’s Bodie and I’m your newest “Pet of the Month”! I’m super happy to have my very own time to shine cause I think I’m pretty great. I was adopted into my amazing family when I was just 8 weeks old. Thanks to East Valley Animal Shelter, it didn’t take long for my parents to find me as a sibling to my sister, Kima. Kima kinda looks like me but she’s a little darker. She also likes to avoid me – I don’t know why, I think I smell great!

I absolutely love my life; I have my own little routine with Kima and my hooman siblings right by my side. I’m also never bored cause there’s too many toys to play with in the world. My favorite past time though, has to be snuggling up with my family. Some people call me a “cuddle bug” but I’m no bug – not a chance! I am a lovable Bodie who lives for sticking my nose into personal space!

Most of the time I’ll even jump on the couch and scooch myself right behind the people sitting on it and snuggle up there. It’s the perfect place to nap, although mama has to tell guests to talk over my snores. I also love guarding my backyard from the squirrel populations. Those pesky critters know better than to walk next to my pool! In fact, no one should really be in my pool. I don’t like when they are because first, it’s my pool. And second, it’s my duty to protect –but the pool is just too much pressure.

I also don’t like thunder. The way it booms and sometimes makes the house shake is way too much for my nervous bones to handle. Well, now I’m thinking of all the things that scare me so let’s add measuring tapes to the list. Like, how in the world does this long snake thing come out of nowhere? And after hooman pushes a button, where does it go?! With scary things like these, I just let Kima check them out first.

I love my family so much and it’s so great because they love me too! Even when I push mama’s buttons like wiping my mouth on her legs after I stick my whole snout in the water! She also doesn’t really like when I bark at her and little hooman sister for attention. My hooman sister is new and she smells great. But she also gets lots of attention so I make sure they know I’m right beside them, too.

My family says that Kima and I have given them so much happiness. That makes me proud because that’s my job; to give my family the smiles, love, and happiness they’ve given me. I’m also so thankful because Kima and I have CCLA to look forward to every week! Our walkers come to make sure we stretch our legs, get all our sniffs in, and we even have romping time out back! Despite the existence of thunder and measuring tapes, I’d say life is pretty grand!

Well guys, I have to go wipe my mouth on mama now. As you see, my Jolly Ball is still in my mouth and I’ve drooled all over the place. Til next time!


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