May Pet of the Month: RubyJ!!!

Herrow everyone! My name is RubyJ and I am CCLA’s Pet of the Month! I think I’m something special because my mom and dad PAWlways tell me I am! I was rescued a wittle over 2 years ago and haven’t had it very easy. In fact, my rescue journey began when I was taken to the East Valley Animal Shelter, where I spent my first 3 months of my new life. What they soon realized is that I had lots of wittle lives growing inside my big belly! Can you imagine me pregnant?! Probably not because my body is so small, but I also had a broken leg so I was very scared and didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was then rescued by Misfit Dog Rescue, where I spent another 3 months with my foster mom, making friends with a doggy named Petunia. These guys helped rehabilitate me and gain some of my confidence back!

It wasn’t until my very own adoption event that I met my mama. She KNEW, she says. I think it was my sweet face and my big ears (they’re my trademark) that really melted her heart! When I saw the look in her eyes and her huge smile, I had a feeling that my next chapter of my journey would make all the bad parts of my life, very worth it!

My transition into my new home was a wittle scary to get used to with all the new sights, smells, and people in my life. But no matter what, I always felt the newfound love my parents had for me—even when I was so nervous I accidentally bit my daddy! Can’t you tell how much they love me?! They’ve honestly been so great to me and now I get to have lots of adventures and family time! For starters, my parents changed my name to “RubyJ” from “Bianca” which is what the shelter named me. Thank GOODNESS I am not a Bianca anymore—YUCK! I was named RubyJ after my parent’s first Ruby. The J in my name stands for a funny word called “Junior” but trust me, there is no one else like me!!! I even got to meet my very first toy named Ratatouille! He sings to me when I want to hear a song and cuddles up with me inside my blankie when we want to hide!! My blankie is my safe place.

My parents also gave me the opportunity to experience all the things the world offers! Like, did you know the world has these fast wittle critters called lizards I think? Well, you heard it here first folks! Lizard are among us and boy are they fun to chase! Look to the left and see how I chase them!

The world also has a thing called “car rides” where I know it’s my time to shine on mama’s lap while dad takes us to one of our fun adventures! My parents have also gifted me with the chance to socialize with my CCLA pals. I finally feel part of a pack and I even found a crush! Shhh don’t tell him but his name is Murphy. Look how handsome he is! We like snuggling together in my blankie and he knows I like to burry my face in there. Murph loves me regardless though, so he doesn’t mind my quirky self.

Speaking of quirks, I have quite a few. For example I like licking my lips a lot because there’s always leftovers of chicken crumbies in my whiskers. My parents don’t know that though, so “shhh” on that one too. I also have this thing where I like to walk on the edge of everything. I guess you could say my upbringing before my PAWsome family has led me to be a gal who lives on the edge! Well, at least I’d like to think so because to be honest, I’m still pwetty scared of a lot of things like people and dogs that aren’t Murph Murph.

Even though I’m still scared of a lot of things though, my parents have always been gwateful for me being in their lives and giving them a sense of family. It’s me, that wants to thank them though. Without them, I would never be the RubyJ that I am: a lucky girl with a loving family, boyfriend and a Ratatouille.

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