May Pet of the Month: Larry!

HI There! My name is Ye Lady Larry from South El Lay, but you can call me Larry! I’m a seven-year-old female yellow lab and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m pretty fabulous! I know what you’re thinking… Larry… a lady? Well, originally my name was Lady but my new parents changed it to Lady Larry because Lady wasn’t awesome enough for me!

I’m so super excited I met my new family. I’ve only known them a couple months but it feels like forever! They are the best ever!  My first mom was nice but she never walked me. I spent my days in the house and backyard. It was pretty

dog sleeping

I even look beautiful when I sleep

boring. Then when my mom had to go into assisted living I was dropped off at the shelter. I was so scared! I didn’t really like it because not many humans petted me, it was cold, and loud with so many dogs barking! But then this cool lady from A Purposeful Rescue saw me and realized what a magical unicorn I am. She was nice enough to find me a temporary family until I found my forever people OH MY GOSH IS THAT A BIRD OVER THERE?!! I SEE SOMETHING OVER THERE IT LOOKS LIKE A BIRD I LOVE BIRDS!

My adoption profile! Look how purtty!

Sorry, I’m working on my attention skills; mom shouldn’t have left the laptop by the window. When I was in the shelter I stayed happy because I knew I was lovable even though they labeled me as a “senior dog”; I kept on wagging my tail! Before I went to my new family I stayed with some other nice people. But finally I met this super duper couple and my dad let me lick his face and he tasted so good I knew it was fate! It was a fresh start for me so I decided it was time to get into shape. I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds since I was rescued! I’m so excited to hit the beach this summer with my new bod! My friends from Canine Companion LA have helped a lot. They come to my house and walk me and teach me things. I’m still figuring out how to walk on a leash but everyday I get better! I have so much fun out there I love Love LOVE it! I just learned how to sit! Who says you can’t teach an middle-aged dog new tricks?!
Oh you know what else I love?! Cabbage! And Carrots! And my big comfy bed! Sometimes I let my parents come and sleep with me in the bed if they can find a spot.

Me and my brother Elwood! Isn’t he handsome?!

I love my parents so much, they are so nice; they adopted me AND decided to foster for A Purposeful Rescue. I was excited because I love having a buddy. My first pal was so amazing he got adopted very fast. Then a few weeks later they got another foster, Elwood Blues. He’s so amazing that I begged my parents to keep him because I love him lots and they said yes!!! He is a little bit more mellow than me but we both know how to party. We take naps together and I watch him play fetch and go swimming! My parents say we are the cutest duo ever and I can’t argue with that.
You guys are probably wondering how you can see more pictures of me and follow my life- I don’t blame you! You can follow me on instagram @larry.lady and see lots more photos.
I’m so so thankful that A Purposeful Rescue saw potential in me and saved me! And the family that fostered me- you guys rock! Fostering saves lives! Special thanks to my parents for being open-minded and seeing how much love I have to give even though I’m a little bit older. If you ask me, senior dogs are the best!

Me and my mom and brother!

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