March Pet of the Month: LEO!!

Why, hello hoomans! I didn’t see you there. Here, sit down and stroke my body as I tell you all about myself! I am a pretty purrfect kitty who found my, “forever-home” in the year of 2013. I was only a little one, about a year and a half old—and way less wiser than I am now. See, before I met my mama, I was roaming the streets of San Bernardino, feeling very sick and hungry and in need of love. When I was taken to a shelter, I was pretty scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. But then a nice lady took me to her home and called herself, “foster mom”, whatever that means. I am grateful for Foster though, as she helped me find my mama. In fact, when mama came to see me, I immediately felt safe and realized that I no longer had to fend for myself on those scary streets!

My mama says I’m a vocal kitty—she knows me so well! I like to talk because I like being heard, and mom always listens. I feel like I should be a professional story-teller, since I like narrating things. For example, I have to let mom know when I see a bug in the house, a bird outside, and sometimes I’ll even ask her about her day! I also give kisses to mom because I love her so much, and I give kisses to some of my CCLA sitters because they take care of me when mom’s away! Making conversation and giving kisses, are just some of the things that make me the Lovable Leo that I am!

Now, I absolutely love zoomie time, toys, playing games on mom’s Fun Pad, and exploring the kitchen counters! (Sorry mom). Every morning and evening an alarm goes off in my mind that lets my legs know it’s time to run and jump around the whole house! I love my zoomies during this time because I have mama around to watch me move like a stealthy ninja. I like to pretend and that’s also why I love all my toys so much! I imagine that all my toys are alive but I am such a good hunter, I always catch them! I also like this strange pad hoomans have that lets them play games and watch videos. The pad can be quite confusing for some cats, but not for me. I love watching things move on the screen so I can stop them with my paw! And last, I love to explore the kitchen counters because of crumbs and treats! My mom doesn’t really like when I do this; I’m smart enough to not make her watch, so instead I’ll usually explore while she’s out of the house! Unfortunately though, my teeth marks on the treat bags give me away sometimes.

My mom says she gets peace of mind whenever my CCLA friends are over to keep me company. They like taking pictures of me because they know I am a good model and like being noticed! They also send them to mama so she can see how well-behaved and loved I am while she is away!

All in all, I am forever grateful to my mama and my CCLA sitters for giving me a wonderful life where I can sunbathe, bird watch, and explore in peace. Mama has helped me be healthier and safe as I no longer have to worry about what the next moment holds for me on the streets. Instead, I can relax and live a healthy life with all the toys and attention I could ask for! Thank you hoomans!

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