March Pet Of The Month: Cody!

This handsome boy loves his walks!

Heeeyyy everybody!  My name is Cody but I also go by Dad’s best friend, sweet boy, handsome or good lookin’.  I think it’s pretty cool I’m the pet of the month for March because my last name is McNally (that’s gotta be Irish right?) and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!  I don’t party that hard anymore though.  I’m 9 years old so my crazy days are over.  I’m a laid back yet fun-loving chocolate lab.   

My parents adopted me from the Orange County Animal Shelter in 2011 and boy oh boy I am so happy they did.  Once I got into their house and saw how good life could be, I knew they were my forever people.  I admit I was a handful at first.  I wasn’t use to the whole “leash” concept so walks were hard.  I also chewed up their couch a whole bunch just to test their love for me.  And I’ll be darned they stuck with me!  They trained me and I learned to be a good boy and happily ever after! 

No more bars for me!

Sometimes shelter dogs just need a little molding and help to become the perfect pet for a family.   

You should see what a good boy I am now!  I handle lots of duties like: protecting the house, greeting visitors, eating food that falls on the floor and soaking up as much sun as possible on my patio.  I also keep dad active by going on lots of hikes with him.  I let my parents give me lots of pets in the evening to help them relax after a long day.  It’s a lot of work.   

My favorite and I mean favorite thing to do is swim and play fetch.  I wish I could do that all day but my work keeps me too busy.  I also enjoy going on pack hikes with CCLA and getting to see all the other dogs.  Just last week I got groomed and went out with my new handkerchief on- I couldn’t keep them off me!  Walkers were petting me, dogs were sniffing me, I admit, it got a little crazy.  I also really love going to see Dr. Steve.  I know all my dog friends hate going to see their doctors but I love mine.  He’s really cool and always tells me how good I’m doing.  I like just about everything! 

Living my best life now with lots of swimming.

Except when my dad puts on his work shoes and then I know we aren’t having a play day.  That kind of bums me out.  But either way I get lots of belly rubs so I can’t complain.   

 I am so lucky to have my parents but my mom always says they are the lucky ones; maybe we are both lucky!  The two things I hope you take away from my story are that shelter dogs can be perfect companions and I’m always ready for a good swim.   


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