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Well, hello there! We’re Sydney (aka Princess Fluffy to you) and Hobart, the two cutest kitties in all the land of Los Angeles and beyond, but we know you’ve probably already guessed that!

The names Sydney and Hobart come from Mom’s most favorite cities in Australia (she used to live there)! Mom tells us that there’s an annual yacht race that starts at one city and ends at the next, connecting the two together… We think it’s safe to say we have some serious kitty connection goin’ on!

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Our adoption story goes like this… Once upon a kittie time not too long ago, we were both fosters! Our foster Mom took us in with a couple other kittens from the East Valley Animal Shelter. As the weeks drew by, we saw the others go to their furever homes one by one, but we still remained!

While we waited to meet our furever family, it was super fun getting to know our foster Mom and the other pets in the place – we’d spend our days hanging out with the coolest of big cats and, if you can believe it, even a dog who lived there, too!

After hanging with our purrfect foster family, one day we looked at each other and just knew deep down that this was our furever family and furever home! It’s like the way you know for sure that a hairball is coming: you feel it deep down! It was the best decision we ever made; we’ve never looked back since!

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Our most favorite days with our furever family are spent playing with each other, playing with our new cat sisters, who can see who runs faster around the apartment… What else, what else… OH! Looking out the window, eating whatever treats present themselves… Even playing and snuggling with the dog is simply the best (see picture)! Anything involving playing and just having some good ol’ fun is our kind of day. We like to keep ourselves busy!

*Ahem* Me, Hobart, should add too: Kitty life is especially interesting being the only boy in the house. Being the man kitty of the household means I need to make sure I always know what’s going on! I think the “curious cat” name almost fits me (though it should really be “curious man-cat”… that seems more fitting). My dog and cat sisters always seem to follow me around the house… I think I am the kitty pack leader! Pretty cool!

Anyways, we have to go find some stuff to play with in the house now… we hope you enjoyed reading our kitty cat blog! This is the first ever two-for-one, Pet-of-the-Month special and we’re so glad we could get the cute-kitty representation going on. Thanks for reading!!

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