June Pet of the Month: Dozer!!

Herrow! The name is Dozer; aka “Dozer Dog”, “Bull Dozer”, and “Shhh” (we’ll get to my nicknames later). I was told that I am CCLA’s official Pet of the Month so I am quite pleased with myself right now. I’ve always wanted my very own blog and now I can finally tell the world all about what makes me the handsome boy I am! Why don’t you sit back and relax as I’ll tell you all about me!  

I’ve been with my family for about 5 fun years—in fact, they have been the funnest years of my whole entire life! I can’t really remember my puppyhood, but I was adopted along with my two other doggy siblings! Their names are Cooper and Frankie. Aren’t we a cute bunch?! When I first met my sister Frankie, I loved her at first sight. She’s a silly, energetic girl just like me so we got along from the start! I have to say though, my brother Cooper is my role model. I don’t know how he’s so poised and patient but maybe one day I can be like him! For now though, I like bulldozing people with my hugs and kisses. Actually, when I greet my CCLA walkers I try to get a running start so I can jump extra high and lick their faces! Sometimes I almost knock them down but I swear I try to be as gentle as I can!

I have lots of joys in life as well. For starters, I love to prance around with my favorite ball in my mouth and pretend I’m a regal pony in a circus! This always makes mom and dad laugh so of COURSE I love to do it any chance they’re around. I also love ROCKS! Not when they’re on the ground though. I love them more when they’re in my mouth. I especially love carrying the giant ones so that I can give my jaw a workout. You see, I use my great big jaw for lots of things like eating all the foods, barking at my parents faces for attention (which is why they call me “Shhh”), and for holding my ball while I pony prance! I also love destroying my toys! Don’t tell my parents, but I do this just because I like getting new ones. It makes me feel special.

My ultimate joy in life though, is making my mom and dad happy. There’s no better feeling than seeing my parent’s smile and knowing that I’m the lucky boy who put that on their faces! …And to hear them laugh? Now that makes me feel like I’m doing my job as a good boy. I figure, mom and dad rescued us and gave us the most loving home we could have ever imagined! So it’s only fair that we do everything in our power to return the favor.

What can I say? My life is absolutely great. Mom and dad have even given us CCLA! They come to give me and my siblings walks, play-time, and love, just like mom and dad! CCLA is also one of the reasons why we aren’t that sad when mom and dad are working, since we always have something to look forward to! Just look at my face when I greet them at the door! My siblings and I are so grateful for all of our hoomans in our lives.

Well, there ya have it folks! I can’t believe I’m in print! But just one question… how long til I’m famous?

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