June Pet of the Month: OLIVE

olive smile

Hi everyone I’m Olive and I am the pet of the month for June! My mom adopted me about a year and a half ago from A Purposeful Rescue (yes I am magical unicorn). She said she came to the adoption event just to see my adorable freckled face and she fell in love. But who wouldn’t? I mean really my freckles are pretty cute. I’m a three-year-old cattle dog mix. I’ve been with my mom for half my life already. She’s my most favorite human. I only have a paw-full of humans I hang out with; it’s a very exclusive club.

olive puppy eyes

I make pretty good puppy eyes

I am very special so it takes time and effort to gain my love. Don’t try to bribe me with snacks and toys (even though I will take them). It takes a while for me to decide if a human deserves my kisses and cuddles. I don’t like when everyone comes up to say hello and touch me, I know I’m pretty irresistible but you should just ignore me if you want my attention.

Some things I just can’t stand are the FedEx man and skateboards. The FedEx man always brings weird brown boxes and none of them are for me… I don’t trust him. Skateboards are annoying when they come zooming past me while I’m on my walks. I always yell at them, I’M TRYING TO WALK OVER HERE! Besides that, I like just about everything! Oh but I really really really love food. My mom spoils me with the best food and treats! After my walks everyday I get my kong with peanut butter inside and then I go in my favorite space- my crate. My crate is awesome it makes me feel happy and I hate it when people touch it (besides my mom). I like to go on my walks with my mom and then with my canine companion walker. At first I wasn’t so sure about the canine companion walker but I am considering letting her into my circle of friends. After all, she does give me treats and walk me.

olive fetch

I love playing fetch

I am very smart. Some may say too smart for my own good but what do they know?!  I can sit, stay, heel, lie down, and go to my place. I only have to be told what to do once and I understand. Sometimes I like to test people and pretend I don’t know but I always do. I push the boundaries with most humans to see if they are worthy of being in my selective group.

When my mom is not working we like to go out and do lots of stuff: we do brunch, play fetch, and go hiking. We cuddle a lot at home and I love to give her kisses.  Yeah, we are pretty cool. We always have lots of fun together.  I’m really happy she adopted me and gives me tough love when I need it. I like to think we help each other grow and learn. I like knowing that she will always love me no matter what I do.  I know I can be a handful but she never ever gave up on me, that’s why she’s the best!

olive smile

Me, smiling for the camera!

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