July Pet of the Month: Feivel!!

OH MY RUFF!! Is it finally time for my interview?! Thank Dog! I’ve been waiting for this moment. Now, take a seat right here so I can tell you all about me!

I arrived at my furrever home on July 4, 2017. It was the best day of my life and the end of my mom and dads’ Independence Day, as they call it. Mom and Dad actually got me because they wanted a handsome boy that looked like their two previous Gordon Setters, but smaller. They did lots of research about what breed to get, and they even traveled to North Carolina to meet other Field Spaniels like me! While there, they actually met my breeder who just happened to live a few hours away! So needless to say, it was destiny for us to be in each other’s lives!

The relationship I have with Mom and Dad is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Like, I don’t even like my Chickie bone as much as I love them. When they come back inside from being gone for ten minutes, my whole body starts to wiggle and I can’t help but dance and whine for their love! I’m not sure what it is, it’s like my heart begins to grow every single time I look at them!

I also have other favorite things besides Mom and Dad. Like for starters, I love spending hours guarding my backyard as I stare out my giant windows in my home! I look for any sign of intruders on my turf and if I see (or imagine) ANYTHING moving, I’ll zoom across my living room, leap through my doggy door, run around the corner, and land right in my backyard! I’ve never actually caught anything though, so I don’t consider myself to be a professional hunter. BUT. I am a professional chaser and a stealthy Ninja in training.

And then there’s CHICKIE BONES!! I only get these at nighttime but I think you should tell my pawrents to give it to me during the day too. These bones are special because they have frozen chicken AND pumpkin stuffed into a bone that is just so yummy I’m gonna have to ask you to wipe my slobber from my lip… Ah, thank you.

And lastly, I love making friends—and I have a lot too! Mom and Dad gifted me with these dog walkers called CCLA. They take me on walks and even pick me up from my home and take me to all my friends where I get to hike and play! I especially love my best buds Murphy, Sam, Bear, Memphis and Marley! See? I told you I’m popular! That’s me and Marley right there. Aren’t we cute?! I know it’s always going to be a fun adventure when I hear CCLA’s cars pulling up to my driveway!

There are things I don’t like too, like loud noises in action movies. Those big “BOOMS” make me anxious and worried for what comes next. Who knows what might be lurking in that one long, dark hallway I have in my home! If you look to the right, you’ll see my worried face. But don’t worry, loud noises in real life (like fireworks or thunderstorms) don’t bother me in the slightest because I’m a brave boy when Mom and Dad come to protect me.

Not only have Mom and Dad given me a life that every doggo has dreamed of having, but I’d also like to think I’ve changed their lives for the better too. I know I talk lots about my Chickie Bone, but to be quite honest, my greatest joy in life is seeing my pawrents smile. If I make Mom and Dad happy, I’ve done my duty as the greatest Feivel in the world!

Thank you CCLA, for choosing me to be your Pet of the Month! I am truly honored and so grateful for all my walker friends who love me so much! (PS Mom is in the next room so you can tell her I deserve my Chickie Bone now!)

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