July Pet of the Month: Clyde!

Oh hello! I didn’t see you there! Well since you’re here I might as well tell you a little about myself.  My name is Clyde and I am a lab, pit mix.  People often refer to me as the George Clooney or Brad Pitt of dogs but I don’t let that go to my head (although I do prefer George).  I moved out to LA with my family in 2011.  My mom and dad rescued me from a pig pen where I lived and only got rice.  To this day I am not much of a rice dog. My good looks and adorable personality won my parents hearts.  Now we have a pretty sweet set-up out here.

People love to paint portraits of me.

I have lots of comfy beds to sleep on and toys too!  My parents gave me a little sister, I guess they thought I could use the company.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel having a new sibling around, especially one without any fur, but it turns out I love her lots and lots!  My role as big brother can be pretty demanding… every morning I go into Kayla’s room and give her a little show.  You know, stretchies, rolling around, the whole sha-bang!  Our mom and dad leave for work and then my nanny comes over.  I have told my parents multiple times Kayla and I would be fine on our own but they don’t listen.  I can’t complain though… after the nanny plays with me for a while she watches Kayla and that gives me a break from big brother duties.  Kayla and I are pretty close.  I don’t like it when she gets upset and during dinner I lay under her high chair and she will drop me some food.  She scratches my back (and butt and ears) and I scratch hers.

I was showing Kayla how cool my mouth is on the inside!

If you’re wondering about my workout regime don’t worry I get asked this a lot.  I like to stay fit by walking with my family and playing in the backyard with my sister.  I try to keep things fresh and mix it up so I also have my Canine Companion LA walkers come and walk me.  I love to go on hikes with them and hang out with some of my other dog friends.  My buddy Murphy and I like to walk together.  We get lots of compliments when we are together; everyone tells us what gentlemen we are.  I guess in that situation he would be more of the Brad Pitt and I would be George Clooney…

I like lots of other things too; like greenies treats, my neighbor Chester, tortilla chips, fanny packs (that’s where most treats come from just an FYI) and my crate.  My crate is my own little bachelor pad.  It makes me happy.  I like to go in there when humans burp, hiccup or ask me if I’m okay.  Those are just some of my pet peeves.  I’m not a fan of swimming in the pool or that weird sound mom’s typer-box-thing makes when she “gets mail”; what ever that means.  I’m not really into squirrels, raccoons or possums either.

This was my punishment.

I could keep going on about myself but it’s just about time for my walk.  If you ever see me in person feel free to introduce yourself and take a picture with me.  I will even let you scratch my butt and touch my soft ears!

Nothing like falling asleep to a good book!



What an adorable, smart and clever dog clyde is! The george cloonEy of dogs, indeed!


Clyde, you should get the “dog of the year”award. Yo you are so special When I grow, up I want to be just like you. Your friend cadn


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