January Pet of the Month: Dean!!

I’m Hunky!

Hiya folks! The name’s Dean! My mom says I’m such a hunk, I remind her of Dean Winchester from “Supernatural”! Yeah, I see the resemblance too, which is why I was named after him! In fact, my mom rescued me on August 2nd, 2017 from the Downey Shelter by Karma Rescue! My mama knew that I would fill a part of her heart that was sad since her last doggie passed away a couple months before my rescue. When she saw me on Karma’s website, she knew that my face was the one! And then she MET me!! And it was love ever since!! Especially cause “Eye of the Tiger” came on the radio inside the shelter and ironically, Dean Winchester lip syncs to the song on the show, so… obviously it was the most meant-to-be-thing in the world!

I think I am a pretty handsome, sweet, silly boy because my mama (the best mama out there, in my opinion) thinks so. And honestly, if I make her happy, that’s all that matters! She especially loves it when I wiggle my butt!! When I get excited my butt shakes but the rest of my body stays still, it’s kind of a hassle to have an uncontrollable tush.
I always try to tell my tail-end to calm down but it always has a mind of it’s own! My mama also loves it when I snuggle with her! Like I said, making her happy is my main mission, so snuggle sessions under the covers are a MUST when she comes home from work!

Now, some of my favorite things are standing on the dining room table, making friends, carrides, and LUCY!! (But more on Lucy later…she may need her own paragraph). So, standing on the dining room table has to be one of my favorite pastimes, as I get an amazing view and I love to pretend I’m a giant taking over the neighborhood! I’m not fearless of anything!! So I think I would be a pretty good giant, but maybe that’s just me. When I’m a giant, I like to protect my house and my siblings! I believe it’s my duty to stand up to the cars and bikes passing by, especially when mom’s not home. But when I see another dog… oh boy do I want to make friends with them! You see, I love making friends and I’m quite popular in my pack amongst my CCLA crew! I get along with just about everyone and love making a good impression! Now, car rides are also my thing! Who else doesn’t love a good car ride? There’s just something about looking out the window, feeling the wind beneath my ears, and seeing all the things passing by super fast that makes my butt wiggle just thinking about it! And then… there’s Lucy who lives upstairs ☺ oh my, I’m getting bashful just thinking about how beautiful she is! She’s also a beagle so we have like, tons in common! I think I may love her (but don’t worry mama, I love you the most.) Lucy makes my butt wiggle and my heart flutter like those things with wings that I look at… I think they’re called flutterflies? Anyway… Lucy gives me those. And it makes me feel all warm inside!

Me and sister smiling for the camera!

My mama says I have changed a little bit since she’s rescued me and, honestly, I think so too! I remember being kind of a loner and a little aloof. Maybe because I didn’t know if she was going to be my forever mama and I didn’t know if my siblings were going to welcome me in to the family with open paws. But now, I am a “family-first” type of dog. Meaning, I love being a part of this amazing and charming family and feel like I am right at home with all my kitty siblings and my sister! In fact, I’ve learned a lot from them! Like, my sister Tacha taught me how to smile! I’ve realized that when I smile, it makes other people smile and that’s all that matters to me! Thanks, sis!

I love my CCLA walkers!

My mama also says that CCLA has helped socialize me and help me get my energy out! She especially loves it when CCLA sends updates of how well my sister and I are doing through pictures. Thanks to Tacha for teaching me, we always know when our CCLA walker is taking a picture to send to mom so we almost always give her a great big smile to make her happy in the office—I hear it’s not the most pleasant place in the world.

Anyways… I am so excited and honored that my CCLA friends chose me to be January’s Pet of the Month! What better way to start the new year?! I love you mama! (And Lucy, if you’re reading this, I love you too).

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