January Pet Of The Month: Herschel!

Oh, Hello there!

Hello everyone, I’m Herschel.  You might find my name interesting but it actually suits me quite well.  To sum it all up: I’m a gentle giant with lots of love and a goofy side.  My walkers tell me that I’m biggest dog out of all the other Canine Companion LA dogs.  I am pretty big but I still like to play with everyone else and act like a small pup.  I’m fairly new to the CCLA crew but so far I love it!  I like going for car rides to the hikes.  Sometimes I stick my head out the window and surprise everyone driving by; I get lots of smiles.

The 3 musketeers!

I also get lots of compliments on the hikes.  Everyone says how handsome I am, but I try not to let these things go to my head (it’s pretty big as is).  I’m really a down-to-earth mama’s boy who loves digging on the beach.  Don’t get me wrong my dad and I are best buds but my mom and I have a super special bond.  My dad took me in when I was only 9 months old (he has a thing for rescuing great danes) and boy, am I glad he did!  Living with him is so awesome.  They treat me like a prince and I’ve learned to let them spoil me.  I come from humble rural beginnings but I’m a busy city dog now.

Me in my happy place 🙂

I love to get out to the beach every now and then and spend the day digging and running around with my friends.  I like most dogs even though some are intimidated by my size but I have a ton of human friends, maybe because I’m their size?
I’m super glad my dad found me 6 years ago and has given me such a great life. And I’m even happier my dad found my mom 4 years ago.  We are the three musketeers.  Anyways, I was promised some chicken treats for writing this and I’m getting hungry.  Thanks for reading and give me some pets if you see me around!


andy berman

Yay!…. Herschel wants to thank everyone at Canine Companions for this esteemed honor. He is proud to be part of the group!


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