Is Your Pet Special?

special pets

Well, duh, of course your pet is special!  Hopefully it’s one of the major loves in your life!!!  But we give special a different meaning.  Keeping things in a positive light, “special” often means a pet having an issue or two, or more.  Here at Canine Companion LA we are accustomed to many different types of pets: all sizes, shapes, temperaments and breeds.  Without a doubt we care for quite a few “special” animals.  Granted, most of our “special” pets are dogs but let me tell you, we’ve come across other “special” species too! For all of the owners of “special” dogs this post will feel close to home; for all others this post may contain a new perspective.   Every living being is unique but our “special” pets,  require more… consideration.

nervous puppy

All dogs need different things from their owners

Things become more complicated when you own a special pet.  This is aimed for the “special” dog owners, as that’s the majority of what we deal with.  If you own a “special” dog, walking down the street is quite a different experience.  You must be aware of all of your surroundings.  Does your dog react to strangers, other dogs, or loud noises?  We walk dogs that have issues with just about everything!   People don’t always understand why we step aside with dogs while they pass by.  Some people become offended when we do not allow our dogs to greet their dogs.  If you own a very friendly well-behaved pup, please understand not all dogs will be open to play and say hello.  That is why it is vital to keep your dog on leash when out and about.  Recalls do not always work and it is scary for the dog and walker when trying to fend off a loose dog.

funny dogs

Not all dogs get along!

Having a “special” dog may mean you can’t do everything you had envisioned with your pup but it doesn’t mean you love them any less.  Our walkers are well-versed with “special” dogs and how to deal with them uniquely.  Some dogs just don’t enjoy being touched, some dogs need lots of discipline and others may need constant attention. Believe it or not, we have a “special” dog that can ONLY be walked/touched by his owner!  We can play with him but can not touch him- or he will snap.

Some people believe “special” dogs just need more training.  Anyone that owns a “special” dog knows that that is not the case.  “Special” dogs may always have their reactions and no amount of training will change that.  Another common misconception is that “special” dogs are rescue dogs.  Believe it or not some pure-bred dogs have their issues too.  Every dog comes with a unique personality, only perfect in their owners eyes.

We could write pages and pages about all the “special” issues we’ve seen over the years.  What are your “special” issues?  What challenges have you faced?  What have you learned from your “special” pet?

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