Hiking LA: Our Top Picks

Our CCLA pack, a bunch of happy hikers!

Dogs love routine but mixing it up every once in a while can be a great thing!  You can upgrade your walk around the neighborhood with an exciting new hike.  LA has so much to offer and diverse hikes are are all over the place!  Before you hit the trails make sure you’re ready to go.  Don’t forget your water and doggy bowls, poop bags and your LEASH.  Unless it’s a specific off-leash dog area keep your dog on leash to protect him/her from other dogs, snakes, and hurtful things in the brush.  Last but not least take your dog’s health into consideration.  These hikes are beginner trails but still make sure your pup is up for the task.  If your dog doesn’t get all that much exercise start slow and work your way up!

Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park. Did someone say waterfall??  This trail is about 3 miles round trip and along the way you get to see a waterfall.  This gorgeous trail is located in Pasadena and definitely worth the drive over.

Point Vicente Lighthouse via Brent Goldman

Point Vicente Lighthouse (Seascape Trail).  This trail is approximately two miles right along the bluffs.  Just imagine all the photo opportunities! You’ll end up near the beach and tide pools so if your pup is a swimmer this hike is a win-win!!  If you’re ready to feel the cool ocean breeze with your dog by your side this hike is for you!

Solstice Canyon.  This trail is nice and easy (about a mile) and will take you to some cool spots.  It leads to Keller stone cottage (the ruins of a very very old building in Malibu).  You’ll also get some pretty good beach views so why not?!

Betty B. Dearing Trail (Wilacre Park).  This trail is a fairly easy three-mile walk that is well-shaded and beautiful.  You can learn about some of the rocks found in the Santa Monica Mountains and leave the trail feeling better physically and mentally!  If your dog is heat sensitive this trail may be just right with all the trees.

For some close to home hikes (these are spots we frequent) we recommend:

Westridge Canyon Back that starts out in Encino and has a couple different path options.  You can head up to the Nike Missile Site and there is a nice observation deck up there too.

Fryman Canyon is now open and upgraded.  It’s close by and a nice 3 mile loop to get in some exercise without too much hassle.

Bernie, Wally and Kai enjoying their time at the Franklin Canyon site!

Franklin Canyon is a beautiful hike just behind Beverly Hills.  You can park near the Doheny Ranch House and pick which loop you want to take.  You can check out the reservoir and take a break in the shade.

We hope these are new trails for you to discover and don’t forget to take photos and tag us @caninecompanionla so we can see all the adventure.  Where is your favorite hike spot with your dog?  Let us know what trail you’re ready to take on!  For other dog-friendly hikes read more by Virginia Isaad here.

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