February’s Pet of the Month: JIN!!

Greetings hoomans! My friends at CCLA told me that I have been chosen to be February’s Pet of the Month so I am very proud of myself right now! By being Pet of the Month that means that I have made tons of hooman friends and have therefore conquered my fears of people! You see, over a year ago I was rescued from the Korean meat trade. While I am grateful to the hoomans at “DoVE Project” for rescuing me, I wasn’t completely trustworthy since I was so used to being confined in tight spaces, being abused and yelled at, and being very scared for what might happen to me. However, my life took a giant turn when I got to choose the best family I could ever have imagined being a part of! As soon as I saw my future mama, my heart told me I didn’t have to be scared anymore because I was going to be taken care of and loved unconditionally. Now, my life has been nothing but play times, smiles, hunting, and kisses!

Squirrels! I can usually catch them without this leash thing holding me back. (I swear!)

Because my mom has given me a second chance at life, I feel like I owe it to her and the rest of my family to make them smile! It gives me such joy to make my hoomans happy that every morning I set “happy goals” for myself where I plan to make my people laugh at least five times a day. This also gives me leeway for being mischievous at least once a day where I go and hunt for anything that moves out in the backyard! To make my hoomans laugh, I like to give them “high tens” because “high fives” are vastly overrated and it’s much more impressive apparently. I also like dragging my favorite rope pull around the house because who doesn’t like pretending to be a horse? It makes my hoomans laugh too so, why not pretend every day? Also, when my family comes home, they always laugh at me because I truly cannot contain my excitement when I see them! I get so flustered that I start whining and then my feets have a mind of their own and start running outside through the doggy door! Once my zoomies calm down, I head back inside to smother them with slobbery licks!

Me enjoying all the giggles with my hooman friends!

Now, my other favorites are my sisters and apple slices! For example, whenever I see my sister Rica, it’s imPAWssible to make us stop playing with each other. She’s also my best friend because she understands what it’s like to be adopted into a loving family after some hard times in puppyhood. And I love little Woof so much. Especially because she is so small but she still loves to be heard and barks at everything in her way! And then there’s apple slices which is my favorite treat because they’re just so crispy and juicy—nuff said! As for my dislikes? BATHS. Awful. So awful, I don’t even want to talk about it–baths. Like, why do I need to sit there just to get wet? And how do hoomans take them every single day? I am so, so sorry.

Me and my beautiful sisters!

Anyways, I want to end my story by saying thank you to my family and my CCLA friends for giving me so much love and attention. I am so grateful for how my life turned out and how I get to see my CCLA buds twice a week on hikes! They have really helped me realize that I don’t need to be terrified of hoomans and other dogs any more. Instead, I can play and smile every day in hopes that I never stop making my family happy and feel as loved as I do!

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