Dreamboat of the Month: Rocco!

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Hello friends, fellow dogs, ladies everywhere… My name is Rocco, the handsome German Shepherd! My interests include hiking, playing fetch, wearing sunglasses, napping… I’m a pretty interesting guy, if I do say so myself! Are you interested yourself? Think I deserve some belly rubs or treats? Keep on reading!

My Hiking Life

First off, hikes with the Canine Companion LA crew are… the… BEST! I’ll admit, I’m not the most social guy with other four-legged pups, but CCLA has given me the opportunity to do what I love most: getting my workout on! It’s a bonus to be able to scale the mountains amongst my people and other dogs, and don’t tell the other dogs, but I can tell they’re all super jealous of my good looks. It’s cool though, it’s cool… at least we can hang out together multiple times every week. Plus, I always get invited to their birthday parties so they must like me!

Pet Celebration, dog birthday, pitbull, dog hikes, german shepherd

Bella’s Birthday Party (she was last month’s Pet of the month, if you didn’t know!)



One of my many cute girlfriends, Janie!

One of my many cute girlfriends, Janie!

My Good Looks!

I’ll have to admit, my exceptionally good looks have earned me quite the reputation both at CCLA and at home. I have girlfriends of the dog AND human kind, mom even nicknamed me “‘Lil Romeo”! My personal favorites are brunettes but don’t tell my dog girlfriend Janie (she’s white with brown spots). When I’m hiking, walking or hanging out with my friends at Canine Companion LA, I also get to have my very own personal photo shoots! It’s pretty cool, they know how to get my good sides… which of course, is all my sides. Duh.


german shepherd, dog yawn, funny dog, yelling dog, dog walking

Those rocks are out to get my paws!!

Yuck – Things I Hate!

Things I don’t like? Four letters (and no, it’s not “vets”): rain! Oh my dog, I HATE the rain! The moment I feel moisture in the air, BAM, you’ll find me under the covers, stat!! I know what you’re thinking: California’s in a drought, we need the rain. Well, I’m here to tell you with my first-paw experience, no… no we don’t. I am pretty environmentally informed and think I speak on behalf of many, many dogs when I say STOP THE RAIN!! Other things I don’t like include stepping on rocks that I think are there, but actually aren’t… if they we’re there though, stepping on it would hurt my paw… the thought of that alone just hurts my soul! On my walks, I think about the potential of stepping on that rock and trip and cry out!! Along with the rain, I think I’d also like to do away with imaginary rocks.


German Shepherd, Dog walking, model dog

Rocco the German Shepherd, Signing Out!


Some Thoughts on Life!

All and all, rain and rocks have never stopped my life from being truly amazing! I love all my friends and girlfriends at Canine Companion LA but must say I have one true love: my Mom! She is the best and gives me all the loves in the world — if you’re reading this, I ruff you, Mom! Thank you to everyone out there for reading my dog blog!

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