Dogs and Cats Everywhere: Are you FAT?

Feeling sluggish lately? Mom and Dad giving you too many of your oh-so-delicious treats? It’s been estimated that 58% cats in the U.S. are overweight, with dogs following closely behind at 53%! With that said, it’s about time we change that statistic and whip that belly of fur into shape! Start the new year off on the right paw by following these beach-body tips:

Wait, but I thought I actually was fluffy…?

Okay, first things first: if you’re a pet with a lot of fur, it may be difficult to tell whether or not you’re a true fatty. Although it does differ from pet to pet, a good rule of paw is to have Mom and Dad stand above you and look at you from a bird’s eye view. Also, if they have trouble feeling your ribs and instead feel chub, you may not be able to use the “fluffy” excuse for much longer. Here’s a PAWsome chart to give you a guideline of where your bod should be:

Image courtesy of PetSmart

Image courtesy of PetSmart


*Burp* New Year, New Food

Since we don’t have jobs, Mom and Dad have to go out and buy us our food. Tell them to purchase food that has higher quality ingredients, and as our Farting blog has recently revealed, soy and corn are big no-no food additives that cause stinker gas — how embarrassing!

Lay of the Treats, Fatty

Okay, no dog or cat can go without some treats in their lives! Here’s the secret: moderation is key! Avoid eating too many treats, and again, make sure your parents buy the healthier kinds! Many vegetables can serve as good treats, as well!

A measuring cup that double's as a bag clip! Image courtesy of KlipScoop.

A measuring cup that double’s as a bag clip! Image courtesy of KlipScoop

Measure My Food, Human

Lack of thumbs make it hard to serve food ourselves so having your parents use a measuring cup is a must! A lot of times, there are even recommended feeding guidelines listed on the container.

How Old are You, Anyways?

That’s not a pet social faux pas, right? Some of us are getting up there in doggie years, and many cats have used up some of their nine lives already! With that said, make sure Mom and Dad get a pet food that is suited to your age! For some of the fixed, oldie seniors out there, for example, you may not need as much food as a younger pet would but you also may need a food to support a sensitive stomach, joint issues, etc.

Try the Latest Exercise Fad

No, sitting on your human doesn't count! Image courtesy of Nuzzle

No, sitting on your human doesn’t count! Image courtesy of Nuzzle

Dogs: play fetch, go swimming, get out for an extra walk or three! Cats: command your humans to engage in playtime, catch that red laser dot, scratch that post! The physical exercise options are truly endless! Have your human make a pact with you for you to get healthy. Who knows — they’ll probably have some fun (and exercise!) in the process.


If you’ve tried all of the above and are still feeling unsure about your “fluffiness”, this would be the time to have your parents book a vet appointment! Doing so will let you know if you’re even fat at all, what potential diet changes you need to make, what kind of exercise you need for your weight, age, and etc. Just remember, getting in shape isn’t only for your good looks, but also for your long-term health too! Get out there and get healthy, pets!

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