Dog Walking

Make sure your dog gets out of the house every day for exercise and a chance to check out all the neighborhood sights and smells.

The benefits of daily walks – for your dog and you!

Does your dog bark a lot during the day? Is he digging up the back yard or gaining weight? The benefits of daily walks include:

  • A chance for your dog to burn energy – and keep weight gain in check.
  • An opportunity to check out the sights and smells of the neighborhood – and maybe socialize with other dogs along the way.
  • Peace of mind for you! If you work or are gone long hours and feel guilty about leaving your pets alone, take advantage of our services so you can be sure that your dog is getting attention, exercise and a little fun while you’re away.

What We Offer

30-minute, 45-minute, or one-hour visits/walks. We simply need you to tell us a minimum of a two-hour window of time in which you’d like your dog to be walked. (Note that most people want their dogs walked at 1 p.m.; we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.) Walks are done in your neighborhood and will be private, unless you specifically ask for walks to include other familiar dogs. For instance, some dogs who live in the same condo complex may know each other and get along well, so you and your neighbors may want your dogs walked together.

House checks. The dog walker can check that your pet’s water bowls are full, bring packages into the house, and adjust lighting.

Updates. We will send an update with a photo at the end of the walks. Or if you prefer, we can leave a handwritten note in your home describing anything of interest that happened during the walk.

Structured walks. If you’ve already done a lot of training with your dog, we will keep up the structured walks. We can have your dog sit at street intersections, doorways, and respond to the command “let’s go” when it’s safe to cross. Just tell us your requirements.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers…

Where do you take dogs for their walks?

We walk your dogs in the areas of your neighborhood where they feel most comfortable. At our initial meeting with you, we will ask if you have favorite routes – or places we should avoid – while walking your dog. We walk dogs in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, parts of Van Nuys, North Hollywood and Studio City. Not sure if you live in the right area? Contact us

Are you able to give medication to my pets?

Yes, with the exception of IV fluids or injections. We will go over all medications you’d like the primary dog walker to give at the initial meeting.

Do I need to give a key to the person who is the primary dog walker?

Yes. At the initial meeting we ask that you show the primary dog walker where you keep the leash, poop bags, towels (for the 9 days a year it rains) and give the dog walker 2 copies of your house key (one for the office and one for the primary walker).

Can I meet the person who will be walking my dog ahead of time?

Yes! We want every client to meet the primary dog walker before walks begin. We make every effort to maintain consistency, but we cannot guarantee that your dog will be walked by this person every time. We do make sure that substitute walkers meet your dog with the regular walker to understand what is involved with your dog’s routine.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24-business hour cancellation policy: If you notify us in less than 24 business hours that a walk needs to be cancelled, it’s charged at full price. If you give us notice that is more than 24 hours that a walk needs to be cancelled then we will credit the entire amount. Credits are applied on the next invoice. Note: our business hours are Monday- Friday 8 am – 6 pm

When do you send invoices?

We bill for one month in advance to help with scheduling. Additional services or cancellations will be applied to the next bill.