Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?!

Have you noticed your dog grazing on grass or some plants?  It’s a pretty common sighting for quite a few dog parents.  The good news is it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with your dog!  The answer may be simply that they enjoy the taste. 

Dozer enjoying a grass break!

Most experts advise that consuming grass is pretty normal for your pup.  The habit is even seen in wild dogs.  There is a theory that suggests your dog may be eating grass to get themselves to throw up if they have an upset stomach.  This theory has been disputed as some people believe dogs are not smart enough to solve their own stomach issues.   

If your dog does eat grass and throws up quite a bit you should consult with your veterinarian and make sure there are no underlying issues.  Keep an eye on pup if they start eating grass out of the blue.  If the habit develops randomly and seems to be out of the ordinary for your dog; it’s probably a good idea to get them checked out. 

Another possible reason for grass munching is boredom!  If you think your dog is bored and then goes to eat some grass they may need more exercise.  You don’t have to stop your dog from eating grass as most grass isn’t harmful to dogs.   

If your dog’s grass eating concerns you, you can try switching to a better dog food, particularly something high in fiber.  You can also add vegetables or greens to their food and see if that helps their grass habit.   

Does dog like to pretend to be a cow?  Have you dealt with a grass-eater?  Tell us how to dealt with your dog’s grass habit!

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