December Pet of the Month: RUCKUS!!

Hi Hi Hi!! My name’s Ruckus, aka Ruckstar, and I’m a one-of-a-kind dog. I was adopted into my furrever home in 2010, just before Christmas! When I saw my soon-to-be hooman sister swoon all over my chunky cuteness, I knew that I had found the love I had been waiting for. Where do I get my charming smile and dashing good looks from, you ask?  Well, we have no darn clue. The adoption people said I was a lab-shepherd mix—however, when I got older, my legs never grew with me! Don’t get it twisted though; I’m still a mighty strong guy with a muscular torso, just a bit low to the ground. My family likes to joke that I am half German Shepherd, half Gerbil. Who knows really, but I swear I was hooman in my past life!

I’m a really silly guy with lots of quirks, but that’s why I love being Ruckus! My life is never boring because quite frankly, I’m the life of the party! One of my favorite things to do is to impress people by my sitting skills!! I like to balance on my sturdy little tush and receive all the best belly rubs. I love this because it always makes the hoomans laugh, so I do it on my own, in any situation, with anyone I meet. I also like making hoomans smile by smiling right back at them! All you have to do is either get my tennis ball, get my noisy ball, or scratch both sides of my face at the same time!

I also adore my sisters Molly and Taz. Molly is a loveable black lab who always has my back, no matter what! Taz is my feline sibling. I love to nibble on with my little front teeth! Actually, I nibble on Molly too and they really like it! I know this because Taz begins to purr and Molly just lies there letting me nibble her face like a tasty corn on the cob. I must make sure my siblings are purrfectly groomed and feeling their best!

My other favorite pastimes are yelling at squirrels, snuggling under the covers with a pillow under my head, chasing my endless supply of tennis balls, and napping underneath the pretty Christmas tree! I have an amazing life and I really have nothing to complain about! Well, except for the pool and the scary barbecue. For some reason, my sister Molly loves swimming in the pool to cool down. However, I just cannot handle being submerged in a giant tub of water on my own free will. Nope, not for me! Also, when the gas barbecue ignites, I put my “scowl” face on and pretend I’m brave enough to defend my family against this metal monster!

I’d like to think that I’ve changed my family’s life for the better and honestly, I really feel that I have. Making them laugh and seeing them smile is the greatest gift that I’ve had throughout my life. Not to mention my endless love and adoration for Molly and Taz. Without them, life would be pretty boring. However, even when our parents are away, our fun dog walkers and pet sitters come from CCLA! They’ll take us on a walk, throw the ball for me, give us belly rubs and kisses, and care for us just like mom and dad do! We’re a pretty lucky bunch, I must say! Well guys, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed getting to know all about what makes me the Ruckstar that I am!!

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