December Pet of the Month: OSCAR!!

RRRUFF! I’m Oscar and I’m a little boy with a WILD soul. Don’t let my size fool you, I’m pretty “menace-like” and know how to start a proper tussle! Yeah, I’m pretty recognizable on the streets, meaning everyone can definitely hear me. I like to use my great, big voice to tell strangers to stay away from me and my humans! You see, I gotta protect myself and the ones I love because I don’t trust strangers easily —I’ve only been in my forever home for 3 years and before that, I didn’t have much luck with people. My dad, on the other paw, is just the best. He actually found me through a co-worker who was fostering me in her home! I’m not fond of strangers, and I’m actually quite scared of men, but for some reason, when I looked at my dad, I knew that he would be an important and long-lasting human in my life!

So, CCLA said they were going to write about me and that makes me very excited! I feel special to all my friends, but especially my CCLA friends, Senika and Sofia! They come to my house, call me “Oscar Bosscar” (or something along those paws), take me out on walks, and then give me all the belly rubs I want! I miss my parents when they’re at work, so my dad makes sure that my CCLA peeps come to check on me, cause, boy do I love my walks!
There’s just something about feeling the wind behind my ears and standing up on my hind legs as I bark at all the things in my way!! The only thing I don’t like about walking is I have to wear this awful contraption around my nose—a muzzle, I think? BOY is it the worst! It keeps me from expressing myself the way I want to—through biting and stuffs. But I guess I can’t complain too much because I know that my parents and my walkers are just looking out for my best interest.

You may be thinking, “but why does this cute guy need a muzzle?” Well, I just like to show strangers who’s boss. It’s my friends and family that truly get to see how big my heart is. You see, I absolutely love to cuddle with my humans. It’s my favoritest past time because I like to see how close I can get to them. Even when I snuggle up as close as I can get, it feels like I’m still not close enough!

I am so grateful for my people because they’ve given me happiness, love, and these things called treats. I don’t know if you’ve ever had them, but my dad gets me many different kinds so my tongue is always surprised and never bored! My humans do so much for me and I show my gratitude through cuddles, kisses, and making my humans laugh. Oh, how I love to make them laugh! I especially do so by: being held like a baby (they think this is cute), stealing pillows when someone’s head is on them (they think this is annoyingly cute), when I do zoomies in the backyard (cause who doesn’t love zoomies) and when I am afraid of the ice maker (which is just plain rude to laugh at me for, cause I can’t help it).

Well, there ya have it folks! I’m just a muzzled menace with a secret heart of gold! Get to know me and I promise you’ll love me too!!

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