We believe in celebrating everything in life so why not celebrate holidays and birthdays with our four-legged children? From individual walks to pack hikes, we make sure your pets are getting in on all the fun!

The benefits of celebrations:

Do we really need to have a reason to have fun and celebrate holidays and birthdays? The benefits of celebrating include:

An opportunity to celebrate – and who doesn’t love that? Your pet will love having an unexpected surprise for their birthday, adopt-a-versary, or upcoming holiday.

A chance for your dog to PAW-ty – all while getting exercise. Maybe they can even have a chance to socialize with some of their friends!

What We Offer

We have celebrations for birthdays, adopt-a-versarys, and holidays in the form of a pack hike where your dog will get dressed up and go hiking! It is not unusual for us to have multiple hikes to celebrate one holiday as we want to make sure all the dog friends get a chance to get together to celebrate! Beyond holidays and birthdays, we also have sporadic photo contests where we’ll dress the dogs up as well. We have found that celebrations have really been about having fun and making friends, and we’ve truly enjoyed doing these special celebrations with pets.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers…
Do you celebrate on the day of?
Our hiking dates vary based on when the actual date of the holiday or birthday is. Although we’ll try to celebrate as close to the date as possible, we often have our hikes a week or two before the actual date.
What comes along with a celebration?
Here’s what we provide: hats, headbands, necklaces, bows, and costumes. Many of our clients have also provided costumes and accessories that they wanted their pets to be dressed up in, as well. For example, our Halloween hikes have become so popular that many clients have requested to have their dog to be dressed up in a particular costume. Please let us know if you have a certain costume or accessories request!
What holidays do you celebrate?
Along with celebrating birthdays and adopt-a-versarys, we’ve celebrated the following major holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Hanukkah, and Christmas. As we love finding reasons to celebrate, this list certainly isn’t set in stone! If you have a special occasion or holiday that you’d like to celebrate, please let us know!
What if my dog doesn’t like getting dressed up?
Clearly some animals take to getting dressed up better than others. If your pet doesn’t like getting dressed up, we’ll never force them to put on something they’re uncomfortable in. For those pets who don’t necessarily like getting dressed up but still want to celebrate, we’ve modified their outfits to make sure they’re comfortable. For example, if your dog doesn’t like wearing hats, we’ll often put a bow on instead. We find it differs from pet to pet but we always try to make our celebrations a fun experience. Getting tips from the owners of what the pet’s preferences are is always helpful, as well.