Canine Companion Superlatives!

As the year comes to an end we wanted to celebrate our pets here at Canine Companion LA.  Our walkers have come up with this first installment of our very own superlatives!! All of the pets we are for are unique and could easily have their own category which is why we started with these ten and will eventually feature all of our animals.

Biggest Flirt: Memphis!

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Memphis you know he doesn’t shy away from a good make-out session.  He loves everyone he meets and can’t help but give them kisses.  We also hear he is quite the cuddle-bug.  Look at that wink he’s giving the camera… he definitely knows what he’s doing.





Most Likely To Be Carrying A Stick: Bear! 

It’s like he was born with a stick in his mouth!  Bear loves playing in general but his specialty is playing with sticks.  While everyone else is trotting along on the hike Bear makes it his mission to find the largest branch and carry it for as long as possible.  Bravo Bear, you are the stick champion!


Most Likely To Be A Dog Model: Hudson!

 It’s pretty easy to see from pictures why Hudson would make a great model.  He’s so sophisticated, fluffy and handsome! What’s not to love?  But he loves to show off his model strut on our hikes.  His tail stays high and waves gracefully back and forth as he steps with swagger.  We certainly won’t be surprised if this pup ends up in Vogue.





Most Likely To Be Eating Grass: Angel!

 Angel is a pretty simple gal- she likes walks, fishy sticks, cuddling and eating grass. Without a doubt she eats grass every time we walk her.  We’ve seen a ton of dogs eat grass from time to time but Angel is the most consistent.  If she’s out, she’s eating grass.  Maybe that’s how she keeps her coat so shiny?  You go Angel!





 Best Smile: Milo! 

 We do have a lot of smiley pups but Milo takes the prize for this round of best smile.  He’s such a happy guy, he’s almost always smiling!  He loves going out on his walks to say hello to all his neighbors and puppy friends and yes he’s smiling. Keep up the good work Milo, you make us smile!





Most Likely To Never Look At The Camera: Henry!

“What’s that? It’s picture time? No thanks”  That seems to be Henry’s response every time we bring a camera out.  He is quite talented at avoiding eye contact actually.  He is still one handsome pup that we adore very much.  We get it, we can all be a little camera shy every once in a while.  Henry, you do you!





Most Talkative: Bodie!

We have quite a few chatty animals but Bodie takes the cake on this one!  When he doesn’t have a ball or bone in his mouth (sometimes even if he does) he’s saying something.  Bodie’s talking is a little different… it can be intimidating and sound more like a bark but he’s really just saying hello.  Talk away Bodie, we love it!





Most Likely To Be Mistaken For A Horse: Herschel!

Well this category may be a little obvious.  Herschel is definitely the biggest dog we walk at Canine Companion LA and the closest thing we have to a horse.  We get some interesting looks when we are driving Herschel to the hikes and he pops his giant head out the window.  His size can be a lot to handle but he is a gentle giant that loves everyone!





Most Likely To Teach Dog Yoga: Kai!

When you think of yoga you think of zen.  That’s exactly what we think we see Kai!  She is so mellow and independent we definitely see her teaching yoga to all the other pups.  She brings a calm energy to the hikes that we all appreciate.  Kai is totally content relaxing at home with her family doing nothing or taking an occasional dip in the pool out back.  We could all use more of your zen Kai!




Most Likely To Chew Up Something While Alone: Olive!

Hey, it can get boring being home alone and sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to dig through the trash.  We like to think of Olive as very curious… he likes to open boxes and see what’s in them!  She has a tendency to meet you by the door when she’s chewed something up so you don’t come in and see the mess.  She’s a smart cookie; a mischievous cookie, but still smart and pretty sweet!




Stay tuned for our next segment of superlatives and keep an eye out for your pet.  If you know what category would be perfect for your pet let us know!

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