Best Human Foods To Feed Your Pup!

It’s your dog’s favorite time of the year too!

The holiday season has arrived.  Halloween is just around the corner and before you know it Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  One of the best parts about the holiday season? The food!  Sooo much food.  It’s an exciting time for our pets as well.  They get to sit under the table and snatch any scraps!  With all this food there are often left-overs and inevitably some of it ends up in the dog’s food bowl.  To keep your animals safe this holiday season here are some things that are safe for your pups to eat.

1. Lean proteins like turkey, beef, or chicken are acceptable.  The most common mistake when giving these to your dog is cooking them in something special.  Seasoning, some vegetables and oils can be harmful to your dog so make sure if you’re tossing some turkey into your dog’s bowl it isn’t overly seasoned.

2. Greek Yogurt is a good source of protein for your dog.  It’s easy to mix some in with their dry food and most dogs love the taste.  If you plan on giving your dog some of your yogurt try to buy one with minimal sugar and preservatives.


3. Peanut butter is a common treat given to dogs.  It’s great to keep them distracted for a while especially when put in a kong, but not all peanut butters are safe.  Some contain xylitol which is dangerous for dogs.  Try to buy an all-natural peanut butter to keep your dog safe.

4. Pasta can be a good source of energy for you pup.  Make sure it is plain or whole wheat pasta with no sauce or seasoning added.  Rice can also be a good addition to your pet’s food.

5. Don’t forget about those greens!  Peas and greens beans are great for your dog and make an easy, tasty addition to their meal.  Toss some of those in with your dog’s food or give them out as a treat, your dog will love them and be better off!

These are just some of the foods that are safe for your dog to eat and good for them as well.  Don’t feed your pet dairy products, onions, coffee or avocados.  Those are a couple of the many food you should keep your dog away from.  If you are having people over the holidays it’s a good idea to have them ask you before they feed your pet anything.  Keep your dog from begging at the table by only giving them food in their bowls in a specific space.  Let us know what you treat your pet to during the holidays!

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