Beat the Heat: 5 ways to stay active and out of the sun!

Having trouble keeping that sweat mustache under control?  We understand the struggle… it may not be officially summertime yet but the 90 degree weather would beg to differ!  The heat is intense and we can see how it is affecting the pups.  On our hikes and walks we are hyper-aware of any overheating signs.  We make sure we are taking shade and water breaks when needed.  If you typically have your dog walked for 30 minutes or an hour and worry about your dog in the sun for that long don’t be concerned.  We pick up on your dogs cues and when it is too hot to walk we don’t force them to keep going.  If they are done with the walk we head back inside to cool off with some toys and belly rubs!  When you are home and looking for something to do with your pup inside try one of these:

1. Treadmill train your dog– Is your dog’s energy never ending? Does it take miles to settle him/her down?  It may be too hot to go on your usual 4 mile jog.  Throw your dog on the treadmill!  Well, don’t throw them on a treadmill, train them!  It’s an easy way to keep your dog out of the sun while they run out their energy.  First thing is first: get your dog comfortable with the treadmill.  Make sure they are used to the treadmill when it is on and moving,  Try walking or jogging on it yourself while your dog is there.  Put treats on there and get them used to the texture and make it a happy place for them. If you don’t have a treadmill at home maybe now is the time to get one, they even make treadmills specifically for dogs!  For full details on how to get your dog treadmill trained read more on this page.

dog jumping

Jumping through hoops is optional!

2.  Indoor agility course– Setting up an agility course inside your home may sound daunting but think of it more as an obstacle course.  You can get a mat for a starting and stopping point, create a tunnel, something to jump over and something to run to (like cones).  This is great for dogs physically and mentally.  You can use treats and guide them along the course; demonstrating what needs to be done.  This may be a better idea for dogs with good trainability and athleticism but if you’re up for the challenge go for it!  It’s a fun way to get your dog moving and thinking while spending some bonding time together.

3.  Hide and Seek- Now this can be done with toys or humans.  If your dog loves to sniff things out you can hide one of their favorite treats around the house then tell them to find it!  If you want to have a little more interaction with your pup you can have them sit and stay while you and whomever else goes and hides around the house.  Then you can call their name and make them come find you.  It’s a good idea to have a treat with you when they find you so you can reward them.  This exercise can help their training as well as they will have to sit and wait and it helps with recall.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek?

4.  Get Social-  If your dog is bored and begging you for something to do, maybe it’s time to call a friend over!  If your dog is social with other dogs and likes to play you can bring over one of his furry friends.  They can spend time wrestling and playing tug-of-war while you

dog play time

Nothing like some wrestle time with your pal!

watch some TV.  Your dog is happy to be in a familiar place and you can feel comfortable keeping an eye on them.  Now is a good time to pay attention to who your dog gets along with.  If your dog loves to play with another dog on our hikes perhaps you can talk to the other owners and work out a play date for the pups! Who knows you may make some new human friends too!

5.  Water break-  Some dogs love the pool and others hate it.  If your dog tolerates the water you can get them outside and keep them cool in the pool.  Even if you don’t have a large pool, a kiddy pool would work!  We know some dogs won’t even stand for a kiddy pool but they at least can enjoy playing with the hose.  They may be outside in the sun but at least they have some cold water to help!  And of course, there are smaller pools specifically designed for dogs.  Worries about your dogs swimming capabilities?  There are places in LA where your dog can get lessons.  You can even drop them off and the trainers will give them a good work out in the pool.  It’s like summer camp for your dog.  Oh wait, there are actually summer camps for your dog.

dog pool time

Cooper, Dozer and Frankie loving pool time after a walk!

Keep your dog cool, calm and under control this summer with these tips.  Check out our other blog post about keeping your dog cool during summer for more information.  How do you entertain your pup during the heat?  Let us know if your dog enjoys one of our tips for beating the heat!

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