August Pet of the Month: FELIX!!

What’s up fans? You came just in time to see me in my model pose! I’m quite excited to introduce myself, cause let’s face it… I’m known as the “goodest boy” around here! My name’s Felix and I’ve been the luckiest cat in the world since December 2014 when my mom took me in! My journey to find my furrever home started when I was living with a woman and her older cat. Unfortunately, the woman was moving and the lord of land told the woman she couldn’t have 2 cats. The woman was very sad but she thought my mom would be a great mother to me! Now, you won’t hear me say this often, but I owe my happiness to a cat named Chicken. Why, you ask? Because Mama was a dog person, that’s why! But she knew a cat named Chicken that turned her into a Felix lover, so it was love at first purr when she met me! When I arrived to my new home, I was such a good kitten for not eating plants and climbing counter tops. That’s what goodest boys do – we mind our manners!

Because my mom has given me such a purrfect life, I like to see her smile and make her happy. One of the ways I do this is actually by not doing anything at all! For some reason, she loves when I plop down on my back and lay in the middle of the room. She laughs even harder when I stare off into space, so I do this quite often! It’s also a great thing for me too though, cause once she sees my spotted belly, she can’t resist the belly pets! I also love to be the first one of my siblings to say “good morning” to mama. I like being close to her and rubbing against her legs when she gets up from bed. I don’t know why exactly – It’s just been our own little routine ever since I was little! She’s my purrson, but don’t get it twisted! Sometimes I have to use my words, especially when I can see the bottom of my food bowl! When I see that center I say, “excuse me! More please!” but like, over and over again.

Now let me tell you everything that I love and cannot live without – like feather toys and my siblings! First off, feather toys stole my heart from my early years as a kitten. Feather toys are really just beautiful fluttery birds that my feline siblings and I hunt as prey! You should see how fast and fearless I am!

I also love my siblings so much. My feline siblings are Beans and Pearl. Beans and I share the same food because I’m a very easygoing Felix! I would be very lonely without them but I especially wouldn’t be able to live without my giant, slobbery fluff of a sister named Rosie. She’s a golden retriever and she’s my bestest friend. It took a while for us to warm up to each other but there was something very sweet in her eyes and I knew that she was someone I could trust furrever. My favorite thing is to cuddle up next to her while she’s sleeping cause her long fur keeps me warm. But when I get tired of cuddling I like bothering her while she’s snoring. She doesn’t mind too much but I mind her snores.

I’m the “goodest boy” but I can also push mama’s buttons – mainly only 3 buttons though. The first is when I claw at my reflection in the bedroom mirror in the middle of the night! Don’t ask why I do this… I will simply never tell. The second is when I dart through an open door to the outside world! I may be a big boy but I’m so speedy that my siblings are envious! Also, the outside has all the feather toys you can imagine!!!

The third button is when I hide under the bed when mama tries to leave for work or errands. She closes her bedroom door when she’s about to leave so when I sense this happening, I’ll make it hard for her and hide where she can’t get me! Maybe one day I’ll make it so difficult that she’ll have to stay home from work! For now, she gives me a treat to come out from under, so that’s a good start I guess!

My siblings can be scared of some things but I consider myself a brave Felix. The only thing I’m truly not fond of is baths. There’s a lot going on during bath time – too wet, too cold, too many suds! The one redeeming quality though? When mama holds me like a baby and warms me up! She’s my inspurration to be the goodest boy.

Well fans, my time is up! I’m so honored that CCLA asked me to be “Pet of the Month”. They always take good care of us whenever mama is out so they know all about what makes me the best Felix! Okay, it’s dinner time so I gotta go now. – “Mama, I can see the bottom of my bowl!” – Felix trots off.

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