April Pet Of the Month: RICA!!

Hola amigos! My name is Rica and I am a fun loving, happy girl, born on the streets of Puerto Rico! My mama told me that I am CCLA’s newest “Pet of the Month”, so I have to admit, I cannot contain my excitement right now! Hold on, let me just get my zoomies out so I can hold a proper… OK. I’m back and my legs have calmed down. Now I can tell you ALL about what makes me Rica!

A little over a year ago, I began to get this weird feeling. I think it was a feeling of longing because I really wanted to be part of a loving family. As I began to hear stories of my Puerto Rican friends finding their furever homes, I started to get restless and knew it had to be my turn soon! Sure enough, a nice man came to ISWMP to meet me after seeing how bootyful I am in pictures. When I saw him, I just knew that he was going to be the dad I had always wanted so I jumped into his arms to make sure I locked him down! When he smiled and looked in my eyes, it was instant love and connection and I couldn’t stop my heart from growing! Then, I met my mama and little sister Woof and I quickly became a member of the family—my ultimate dreams came true!

One of the things that my family loves about me is that I always take the time to stop and smell the roses. Life can be ruff and hectic sometimes. And growing up on the streets has helped me learn how to fend for myself, make the most out of any situation, and to appreciate the little things! Now, I am so lucky to have my family and CCLA friends, so there’s not much to complain about! And if there’s anything I want to give my family, it’s all my smiles and snuggles so that I can do my job to make them happy too.

I also want to tell you about all my favorite things! Like I LOVE my Greenies, having conversations with mom and dad, playing with my siblings, morning walks, and head rushes! For starters, let’s talk about Greenies… GREEN ME BABY! These things are just so amazing—I think my mom and dad make them too because only a king and queen can make something taste that good! If I could eat them for breakfast and dinner, I would! I also love howling at my parents because that’s how I tell them about my day and ask them about theirs! I’m always curious about what they do when they’re not home, so what better way to figure it out than to engage in some well-expressed conversation! I may have grown up on the streets but let me assure you, my howls are quite eloquent.

Now my siblings are so important to me. They’ve given me friendship and love just like mom and dad and I can’t get enough quality time with them! My little sister Woof is a little too small to ruff and tumble, but giving her sniffs is my way of showing her affection! As for my brother Jin, he’s also a rescue pooch so we bonded very quickly and we love zooming together all around the dog park! I’m also a huge fan of morning walks because new smells appear in the night times and I just have to sniff them as soon as my eyes open! Most of the time, I have to wake mom and dad up so we can get going. I actually like this too because I feel like I start their day with a smile and I live to make them happy! And last but certainly not least…HEAD RUSHES! Mom thinks I’m crazy but let me tell you, hanging your head off the couch is something everyone needs to do at least five times. There’s just something about it that invigorates me! (I told you I’m eloquent).

Now lastly, let me tell you about my CCLA friends because they’re pretty important to me too. They come almost every day to take me on walks, give me body rubs, and they even let me jump and kiss them all over! My sister Woof and I get so excited to spend time with them and we really appreciate our CCLA family for giving us something to look forward to every day when mom and dad are gone! Mom says she’s thankful for CCLA too, because they love me like she does. And boy, do we feel their love!

Well it looks like my time is up! I hope you enjoyed learning all about me and the things I love. PS If you want to be friends, have your people call my people!

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