April Pet Of The Month: Pixie!


Is that a fishy treat I smell??

Hi Hi Hi Hi!  I’m Pixie.  I’m so excited everybody wants to hear my story!  My parents rescued me in 2009 from Karma Dog Rescue.  I had a rough upbringing (I don’t like to think about that) and I was still pretty nervous.  My parents decided they liked me because I am so stinkin’ cute and were very patient with me.  I didn’t really like to be touched because it used to hurt but after a couple months I realized these people loved me and only gave me nice things.  When they brought me home I was so excited to see there was another dog there!!! Her name is Angel and she is my big sister.  She’s super cool and she taught me lots of things.

We can’t stand sleeping apart now!

From the first night I knew I loved her and we’ve shared a bed ever since!  Being with Angel makes me feel happy and confident.  I’ve opened up a lot from the time I was brought home and I love using my voice.  I like to tell my parents when someone is at the door or when I’m excited or when I’m hungry or when it’s time for my walk!  I always find an excuse to talk.  I think my walkers understand me because they always have conversations with me.  Oh, I love my walkers!  I get kinda nervous meeting new people but I’ve warmed up quite a bit with my walkers and I get SO thrilled when I see them.  Going on our walks is definitely one of my favorite things.  I like to patrol the neighborhood and sniff around.  I also enjoy my downtime.  Snuggling with mom and dad in bed or lounging in the sun are my favorite spots.  Mom says I used to have this funny habit of taking things in and out of the doggy door.  What can I say, I like to keep busy!

Me and my big sis out on our walk! yay!

One of my most favorite things is my fishy stick treats I get after my walks- holy moly those things are deeeeelicious!  I guess any sort of food is also my favorite.  I love to eat- sometimes when Angel doesn’t finish her food I lick it clean!  I’ve been told I need to watch my figure but I’m not concerned; I’m pretty sure mom and dad will still love me even if I get chunky.  I got so lucky with them!  They always tell me I bring them happiness and laughter which is good because they do so much for me.  I never imagined life could be like this- so carefree and happy but here I am- spending my days chasing lizards and napping.  Well that’s pretty much it for me; thanks for reading and remember Adopt don’t shop!

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