3 Ways You May Be Annoying Your Pup

We all love our pets to the moon and back and only want the best for them.  We spoil them however we can and try to give them the best dog life out there- they are our fur babies after all.  Sometimes though, what we feel is best for them isn’t always the case.  It may be possible they don’t like that Christmas sweater you make them wear every year even though they look so cute in it.  Here are three of the most common ways you may be upsetting your pet and not knowing it:

Tick tock tick tock…

  1. Messing with their routine.  Dogs crave structure and a solid routine helps them to feel secure and comfortable.  They adapt to their feeding, potty, play and sleep schedules and disrupting that can stress out your pup.  Occasional switch ups can be acceptable (for instance a new hike route or earlier walk time) but for the most part it’s important to keep things consistent.  If you are constantly changing their routine it will make them feel anxious and uneasy; it can even lead to behavioral issues.  So, to the best of your ability stick to the routine! 


  1. Too many strangers.  Despite many people’s beliefs- not all dogs need to greet each other.  Some dogs will not get along and it’s okay to pass another dog without introducing the two.  We have heard some people think it’s greatwhen there are lots of dogs at the dog park or out and about nearby.  Not every dog dreams of being shoved into a space with tons of other dogs, actually most don’t.  Just imagine going to Disneyland on the busiest day of the year.  You most certainly are not going to get along with everyone there and the crowds can be overwhelming.  Dog’s can become distressed with too many other animals, which could possibly lead to a fight.  So definitely take your dog out but don’t put them in an overwhelming situation thinking they will enjoy it.   


  1. Mom? Dad? Come back!

    Leaving them alone.  Dog’s are social animals and enjoy being around their people.  When they are left alone for most of the day it can lead them to develop some bad behavior.  If your annoyed because your pup has been digging up the backyard, know that they are probably annoyed with you for leaving them alone for too long.  If you know you’re going to have long work daysthat’s a perfect time to schedule a walk for your dog with Canine Companion LA.  Even if your dog doesn’t need the walk, just having someone to spend time with and be near will help him.   When you are home make sure you spend quality time with your animals and let them be near you.  They crave that interaction and attention. 

We can all be guilty of doing one of these to our pets from time to time… but it’s good to know what may be pushing their buttons so it can be avoided as much as possible.  Have you noticed your dog being annoyed by something?  Let us know what bugs your pet!

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