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February Pet of the Month: Oliver!

bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog? Dog friend? Giant puppy? Big boy? These are just a few things that, me, Oliver, are best known as! My life is filled with all of the best things a doggie life has to offer… friends, family, school, treats… where to even begin? Let’s start off with my age! Judging by my size, I’d…

Welcome, CC!

dog walkers, pet sitters, cat sitters, pet care, dog hikers, pack hikes

CC has joined the pack! It’s not everyday you get a trained Dog Obedience Instructor from ABC (Animal Behavioral College) come walk, hike, or pet sit with your dog! Along with our other experienced dog walkers, pet sitters, and dog hikers, Canine Companion LA is so pleased to have CC on board with us:

Welcome, Samantha!

Foster Parent, dog walker, pet sitter, dog hiker, pack hikes, rescue organizations

We now have two Kentucky natives and two Samantha’s on the CCLA crew! Samantha’s compassion for pets is clear: she’s worked with several rescue organizations, has fostered pets, and has experience with the tiniest of kittens to the biggest of Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and more!

Welcome, Annarosa!

Pet sitter, dog walker, chihuahua, dog hiker, veterinary assistant

New year, new team member! We are so pleased to introduce Annarosa into our CCLA Family! She has recently moved out in the North Hollywood area in July of 2016 and has brought her cool energy, passion and vast experience with countless pets with her. Give yourself a formal introduction here:

Dreamboat of the Month: Rocco!

dog in sunglasses, german shepherd, dog walks, model dog

Hello friends, fellow dogs, ladies everywhere… My name is Rocco, the handsome German Shepherd! My interests include hiking, playing fetch, wearing sunglasses, napping… I’m a pretty interesting guy, if I do say so myself! Are you interested yourself? Think I deserve some belly rubs or treats? Keep on reading! My Hiking Life First off, hikes…