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Dogs and Cats Everywhere: Are you FAT?

Feeling sluggish lately? Mom and Dad giving you too many of your oh-so-delicious treats? It’s been estimated that 58% cats in the U.S. are overweight, with dogs following closely behind at 53%! With that said, it’s about time we change that statistic and whip that belly of fur into shape! Start the new year off…

Welcome, Nikki!

labradors, walkers, hikers, pack hike

Job Requirements: Must love dogs, and Labs! Nikki is our newest team member who’s taken her love for the breed by working with a Labrador retriever rescue. A cool thing about her joining is that she heard about us through one of our happy clients! Introduce yourself to her and her Lab Martin:

December Pet of the Month: Bella!

Hi! My name’s Bella, aka Baby Bella, Bella Bella Cinderella, or Princess Bella and I am a happy Canine Companion LA pup! I’ve lived with my mommy and daddy since I was only 8 weeks old as the only dog of the house and love my parents to the ends of the doggie earth! I…