10 Things Your Dog Walker Wants You to Know

For most of our dogs, one of the most exciting times of the day is when one of our walkers opens up the front door. The feeling is mutual! We love opening up the door to find wagging tails and big smiles. We understand your pet is part of the family and we appreciate your trusting us with your furry child. Here are some things we want you to know:

1. Our Schedules are TIGHT! Most of the time our walks are not leisurely strolls. We are on a schedule and it’s pretty packed; especially during the lunch hours 11-3pm. We are on a mission to walk as many dogs as we can! Don’t get us wrong, we love our quality time with every pup, but don’t be surprised if you see us scurrying out the door after!

We have packed schedules!

Also, we book up the month before so, scheduling a last minute afternoon walk can be a struggle to fill. When canceling walks last minute please remember we have probably turned down other clients to accommodate your needs!

2. We KNOW your dog! We spend a lot of time with your dog and we do take notice of his/her health. You may have noticed, we find your dog’s bowel movements of great importance. Our bathroom reports in our updates are just one way we let you know what’s going on with your pet.
For those dogs our walkers see consistently it’s easy to tell when something is off. We care about your dog and want you to know when we see any signals of pain or distress. We may not be veterinarians and we can not offer medical advice, but we will always keep you in the loop when it comes to your animals.

3. We are NOT trainers! Canine Companion LA walkers know how to deal with different temperaments and training levels but we are not here to train your dog. Of course, we follow the rules and boundaries you have set for your dog (ie. sitting before doors or not pulling on the leash), but if you deliver us a fully untrained dog- please do not expect a trained dog in return.
Our walkers try to eliminate pulling on leash to make the walk more comfortable for everyone, but we will most likely not be teaching your dog to shake hands during our time together. We do really really appreciate it when your dog is trained (at least the basics). So please, don’t expect miracles from your walker.

4. Give us the Goods! Being in the dog industry all of our walkers come prepared with poop bags, treats and any other supplies they feel necessary. However, most of this is paid for out of pocket by our walkers. You would not believe how many poop bags one walker can go through in a day. It can get expensive!

Please human, please! I am sitting like a good boy!

It helps us out a ton when you provide poop bags for your dog and their treats. We like giving your dog treats they are used to so they will have a happy tummy and we don’t have to worry about allergies.

5. We need details! When we come to walk your dog we are on your turf… it helps us out tremendously if you give us the neighborhood download. We can learn from your experiences instead of learning the hard way. Does that blind corner have a dog waiting to start a fence fight with your dog? Does your neighbor hate dogs and will come out screaming if we touch their lawn? Does your dog love to stop by his BFF’s house down the street and say hello through the gate?
These are helpful hints for us to make your dog’s walk as easy and comfortable as possible. Overtime we find the best route but sometimes the learning process can be ruff!

6. Rain or Shine we walk! Unless you cancel your walk- we will show up. That means thunderstorm, rain, or on really to days we will be walking your dog. Luckily, Southern California tends to have pretty nice weather, but this last winter was extra rainy and we carried on. Did we have water pelting us in the face? Were we soaking wet and covered in mud? Yes and yes but these things come with the territory.

dog rain

Someone is ready for a rainy walk!

If there are any weather conditions your dog should not be walked in please let us know. If your dog hates the rain or can’t walk in excessive heat, let us know what we can do instead. Maybe we will just take them out for a quick potty break and then play some games inside. It’s up to you and your dog!

7. Walkers a plenty! The great part about Canine Companion LA is that we work as a team. That means when someone has an emergency, your dog will still be walked by someone else. This also means you will have multiple people meet your dog and come to walk them.
We understand the desire for consistency but sometimes with our busy schedules things need to be moved around. If a dog and a walker just don’t click- they won’t be put together. We all just want to make sure your dog is walked and happy!

8. Tip tip hooray! Dog walkers, typically, are not drawn into the profession for the money. It is not one of the highest paid jobs, so for most people they do it because they love it. All of our walkers love what they do and are happy to be working with animals. We also work with many “special” dogs that have unique needs. If you are happy with your walker and their extra consideration, tips are always greatly appreciated! With our new software, it is easier than ever to tip the walker of your choice.

9. We work hard to get the best pictures! After every visit with your pup we send updates that include a picture. We realize your dog probably hasn’t changed much since that morning when you left but we send them anyways. As dog owners ourselves, we understand that getting that afternoon picture of your pup may brighten up your day. We have fun with the animals and always try to get the cutest picture. We also love feedback from our updates!

Khalessi mid-sneeze!

We like knowing that you appreciate that adorable tongue-out picture or our update. Please don’t be shy about writing us back. If you have a question about anything that happened during the visit or if you need some extra details about your pup we are happy to answer.

10. We love your dog! Yes our schedules may be tight and at times hectic, but every walk is different and we love spending time with your pets. For most of our clients our walkers see the pets on a regular basis so they form a close bond. We genuinely care about the dogs and want what’s best for them.



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