Cat laying Dog with sunglasses Looking for
PAWsome Pet Care?
Allow yourself to really relax on trips away from home –
take advantage of our pet sitting service so your pets are
safe, happy and loved while you’re away.
Pet Sitting
English bulldog Ready?
Let’s go walking!
Are you stuck at work all day, or just need some help getting
the dog(s) out? Let us take your canine for some exercise
and fresh air right in your neighborhood.
Dog Walking
Shar-pei Oh My Dog,
I love my pack hikes!
We offer pack hikes Monday - Friday – why not
let your dog join the fun? It gives every dog a chance to
exercise, socialize and learn to walk peacefully in a pack.

Our roster of independent pet care professionals offer safe and high quality care for your 4 legged family membersCanine Companion LA puts safety first in meeting the unique needs of your pets and your family. Our network of highly skilled and independent professional walkers and pet sitters have years of experience in working with dogs, and employ honesty and integrity in all that they do. They take great pride in providing the highest quality care and services that enable you and your pets to thrive.

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Dog Walking


Pet Sitting