Thanksgiving Day Tips

And just like that Thanksgiving is here!  Hopefully you have all your travel plans squared away and now it’s time to decide who sits next to Aunt Helen during dinner.  With all the food and family arrangements it’s easy to overlook our pets.  Here are some tips to keep your animals happy and give you some peace of mind! 

Gretl and a few of her favorite things!

1.Whether the celebration is at your home or someone else’s make sure your pet has a safe place to hang out.  Having lots of people over can be stressful for pets, even those that are very friendly!  If you are at home make sure their safe space is ready to go; like a covered crate or room with their belongings.  Make sure they have toys and treats to keep them preoccupied.  Even if they seem to be interacting well, they may need a break from all the commotion and a quiet place to rest for a little bit.  If Thanksgiving is taking place elsewhere and you are taking your pet with you make sure you come up with a plan with the host.  A portable crate is a great option or you can use a small space like bathroom with your pet’s bed.  Bring their favorite things so can feel at home and stay busy.   

Pets= bad dinner guests

2.It’s a good idea to let everyone in the family know how to interact with your pet.  All the noise and chaos can throw dogs off and change their behavior.  Especially if there are children around it’s best to set some ground rules.  We recommend not letting anyone feed your pets anything.  It can be tempting for humans to try and win a pup over with some turkey and gravy under the table but it will only enforce bad habits.  Let your guests know that your pet won’t be allowed any human food.  If your pet has any annoyances let everyone know, for instance, don’t pick up Charlie or don’t touch Bella’s paws.  This way there are no accidents and your pet won’t end up traumatized.   

3.We recently posted a blog on holiday foods that are safe to feed your pup.  We are not saying to deprive your dog of all the Thanksgiving goodness but it’s very common to overfeed your dog human food.  If everyone tosses him a piece from the table it won’t be pretty.  If you want to give your dog some turkey, put it in their food bowl during dinner time, to keep them from begging in the kitchen and under the table.  Remember that most of the food you will be eating will probably upset your dog’s stomach.  If you feel terrible and want to make sure your pup is feasting as well buy them a special thanksgiving treat or bone!  This way they feel like they are part of the celebration and you don’t have to worry about accidents later on. 

We want to wish everyone a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!  Let us know how you celebrate with your pet.   

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