Summer Fun With Your Pup

Summertime in Southern California is dreaded by many pet-owners and for good reason; prime walking time is very early or late, you have to be weary of over heating and your dog has energy to spare.  In a previous post (embed post here) we discussed how to exercise your pet indoors but here we have some ideas to have fun and make the most of summer! 

Check out local dog beaches!  We know there aren’t that many “local” dog beaches around but you can go to Huntington Dog Beach and Rosie’s Dog Beach (Long Beach) for some off-leash action.  You can also check out Staircase Beach in Malibu or Leo Carrillo State Park (north beach and south beach) for a beautiful on-leash stroll.  If your dog is fickle with other animals opt for the on-leash beaches but keep an eye out for off-leash dogs!  Even if your dog doesn’t love to ocean it’s a beautiful place for you both to hang out and feel that sea breeze.   

When the real summer heat hits it can be tempting to sit on the couch all day with the air blasting but your dog needs something to do!  If your dog enjoys water and other dogs take them for a day at a doggy water park!   There are some places that offer dog swimming lessons or just a pool to hang out with other pups!  Even if you have a pool these are great ideas for dogs that love being social.  Your dog can play, stay cool, get lots of energy out and you get a day off!

Try a fitness class with your dog!  Stay indoors, break a sweat and hang out with your dog… sounds good!  K9 Fit Club is a fun way to get moving and bonding with your pet.  It also gives your dog a chance to be social and experience new places.  They have a location in Griffith Park and Montebello.  Another exciting option is Zoomroom,which just opened a location in Sherman Oaks.  They offer individualized and group training but they also have playgroups, which gives you, “a chance to get in some quality exercise time with your dog along with other great dog owners, under the watchful eye of a trainer.”  Sounds like a party to us! 

 So don’t feel trapped in the upcoming hate waves; use it as a chance to try something new with your dog!  Have you tried any of these options?  What is your favorite thing to do with your pups over summer??

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